Opposition Senator urges Hilaire to come clean on Juffali’s appointment

Opposition Senator urges Hilaire to come clean on Juffali’s appointment
Left to right: Dominic Fedee, Ernest Hilaire.
Left to right: Dominic Fedee, Ernest Hilaire.

Newly-appointed Opposition Senator Dominic Fedee is advising Saint Lucia’s former High Commissioner to the United Kingdom Dr. Ernest Hilaire to break his silence and come clean on the Juffali affair.

Feedee said the nation deserves an explanation as to what led to the decision to appoint Dr. Sheikh Juffali’s as Saint Lucia’s Permanent Representative to the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

“I think that if he was the High Commissioner at the time, he would know better than anyone else the details surrounding the appointment of Dr. Juffali, who by the way, never attended a meeting at all and that in itself helps to confirm the court’s judgment that Dr. Juffali’s appointment was inauthentic, was suspicious and it raises a number of questions,” the Senator told the media.

Asked by the media to express his opinion on why he thinks Dr. Hilaire continues to be silent on the matter, Fedee said he can’t speak for Hilaire, but would urge him to speak on the issue.

“I want to say to him as a friend, to come out and speak about it and let’s be transparent. He is a new person coming into the politics, so he should be transparent and let’s speak about the issues as they affect us,” he added.

Fedee like his colleague Mary Isaac, also expressed the view that the recent judgment by a UK High Court judge “cast a shadow over the diplomatic relations between St Lucia and the United Kingdom,”

But more importantly, the Senator stated that there is also a moral side to the story, which speaks to the alleged ill-treatment of women in divorce cases, such as the one involving Dr. Juffali and his ex-wife.

“Women here should be very concerned about the actions of the government, because not only is the matter legalistic, but there is a moral imperative women should take note of the treatment of his ex-wife.”

The British High Court judge has said that Dr. Juffali has sought and obtained a diplomatic appointment with the sole intention of defeating his wife [Ms Estrada’s] claims consequent on the breakdown of their marriage.

The action was described by the judge as spurious and one that is an entirely artificial construct.


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  1. Hola! I've been following your site for some time now and finally got the courage
    to go ahead and give you a shout out from Austin Tx!
    Just wanted to mention keep up the excellent work!


  2. Well i could only compare the SLP's idea of due diligence with other previous example.

    Wasn't due diligence observed in the granting of a licence to Dr. S, the man at the center of the Lambirds affair?

    We seem to have forgotten or should i say "for glutton" our dear old friend Grynberg, and what about our old pals at Frenwel?

    So now we have Dr. Juff and everybody is up in arms, but all the time there exists a well defined pattern of engagement and of due diligence.

    I mean what international relationship has this government established without it being either controversial or suspicious?

    Have we even further considered the type of friends that such judgement in the exercise of due diligence might bring to St. Lucia?


    • Ignorant, xenophobic people! Did you know when St Lucia had nothing YOU flocked to Guyana, my grandmother married a St Lucian who went to Guyana with his brother. His brother never returned to St Lucia. If it is legal to run in an election who are you to object? Instead of finding some merit in what Mr Fedee is saying about this appointment you show your SMALL ISLAND ignorance. As someone said, our Prime Minister is more Guyanese than we imagine when compared to people like myself: he made Guyana his home for about 20 years, but trust some ignorant idiots to pull the 'country card.' Stay there with your 238 square miles, some day a lot of you will regret not being more tolerant to your fellow Guyanese.


  3. How can a Guyaneze get so deeply involved in st lucia politics . I thought Someone with dual citizenship cannot take part in politics in St Lucia. I hope the people of Anse La Raye / Canaries dont ever make that mistake to vote him in power .


  4. Sir Vivian Richards said and I quote " Ernest is the worst thing that has ever happened to West Indies Cricket". This is coming from one of the worlds greatest. Kenny say we don't have leaders in the Public Sector, but he can hand appoint his crooner and the keep messing up the country over and over.

    UWP ent showing that they have will to do better. Boy I'm so feed up with politicians and their lies. I'm still waiting for SLP to fix this or UWP to present something of substance, only then will I decide.


  5. I am so sick and disgusted with the SLP's alleged misuse of our resources and the power and authority WE the people of st lucia allowed them to have. Well enough is enough, I want them OUT and will be voting them out, Plain and utter disrespect. They continue to spit in our faces with their silence.

    Not addressing the REAL issues and also the continued alleged nepotism, Where is Jades response to this ruling?? Why are they so silent? They are hiding their outright BOBOL. this is putting a sour taste in ALOT of ppl's mouths.

    Yall better start looking for some new jobs because in a few months the entire of LOT of you WILL be shelved. The ppl have had enough of this bull.


  6. cricket is a game, messing around with our reputation is really serious business . WE GET THE PICTURE NOW FROM THE JUDGES MOUTH, WHAT IS YOUR VERSION MR. HILAIRE?



  7. Hilaire is a great disappointment.

    A man who has allegedly allowed the largesse and spoils of success to disalign his moral compass.

    Its all fair and well to excell in academic pursuits.

    But when one has become so overtly self assured to the point one has created this behemoth of an alleged scandal; yet remains as quiet as a mouse.

    Guilty mouths have always lost their tongues.


    • however you are I am not sure. you know nothing of Ernest much less to speak of his moral or integrity. Ernest has never and will never compromise the principles on which he was brought up. So it is in your best interest to shut up. be a man and identify yourself so the discussion can continues stop hiding.


  8. Here is what I don't understand.

    If you are going to be entering politics, if you are currently heading the CIP program , if you are fully aware of the conclusions not only St.Lucians but outsiders eg the judge are drawing up, why oh why are you continuing to be silent on the matter?????
    Is it because you are arrogant and don't give a rat's?????
    Is it because you really have something to hide?????
    Is it because you are realizing that St.Lucia was unknowingly duped and effective due diligence was not carried out which would raise questions on how can you head CIP?????
    Which one is it?????
    Because your silence on the matter just gives more objective people more reason to be suspicious.
    I have also noted that certain persons are particularly mum on this matter. The usual passionate defense of the SLP government is very noticeably absent .
    Also other ministers are speaking or attempting to defend their ministry if they believe that the UWP has taken them to task for something.Eg when tourism stats were released Lorne added his piece on social media referencing Chastanet , but to date not a word from Alva.

    In fact in the past, you would see some of the ministers add their piece on social media on whatever topic if they believe the party was attacked, but I have noticed that one of the hottest topic since Nov 2015 has not solicited one word from them.

    Did they question his appointment too?

    The usual suspects passionately debated diplomatic relations and diplomatic immunity all in an attempt to deflect from the real issue. And you know what St.Lucia could have been right not to lift it.

    It was amazing that on the brink of CIP, the given timelines and events surrounding Juffali's appointment that some did not see it fitting to say hey wait, that can possible look bad for St.Lucia.

    Will this affair erode the confidence some nations have in us? Will it erode St.Lucians' confidence in us as we sell CIP to them? Can we be viewed as corrupt? What implication this might have with CIP just around the corner, look what the Canadians did to St.Kitts?

    Debating why we should lift or why we should not lift is not the issue to start off with. The reason surrounding his appointment particularly as St.Lucians were hearing that for the first time around the time CIP was being effected was the real issue.

    Didn't the PM say that he was aware of our concerns as it relates to CIP and he too was not comfortable with the idea at first. So that tells you that our concerns surrounding the appointment of Juffali is well placed in light of due diligence and CIP.

    I don't know, but if i had nothing to hide I coming out and talk already.

    So do you blame me or other objective St.Lucians for asking certain questions and coming up with our own conclusions?
    You can't blame us.

    Does it make you you guys uncomfortable knowing that some of us are objective and we can actually think even if we don't come from foreign?????


  9. What a shame! The man sporting the colours of the national flag admist this Juffali national scandal and disgrace


  10. Mr. Fedee should in this case infer that silence speaks volumes. Silence is also acquiescence. And coming into politics you say! well good luck on that because track records also speak volumes.


    • This is a typical response from an SLP hack. They are generally unable to address issues intelligently and so resort to attacking the messenger every time. I can tell you one thing, Dominic Fedee did not pay anyone.


  11. What a contrast in style; a well fed, well dressed officially looking
    and a down to earth, casual looking Caribbean man; two Angels?


  12. It is long overdue for an inquiry into this matter. The people of Saint Lucia deserve a thorough investigation into this matter which will disclose what due diligence, if any, was performed on Juffali. As it seems that information has not been forthcoming such verification should be in the files to corroborate any due diligence which was performed.

    We also need to question the capability and accountability of Dr. Hilaire with regards to the Citizenship by Investment Program. Too many questions are now being raised because of this Juffali Affair and their being further unanswered continues to tarnish the credibility of St. Lucia as well as the CIP program. There has continued to be a lack of transparency with this government which casts serious doubt on the reliability of any information issued in matters of concern and national importance.

    Hilaire should do the right thing for his country and resign. No ifs, ands, or buts.


    • There is no other country in the world where Hilaire could comr near the CIP after this. I see the SLP in a different light


    • Wish you luck with that because it is alleged he running for a parliamentary seat now if you think there is anything honourable about him!


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