Opposition Senator Ezechiel Joseph resigns from Upper House

Opposition Senator Ezechiel Joseph resigns from Upper House
Ezechiel Joseph
UWP Chairman Ezechiel Joseph
Ezechiel Joseph

Opposition Senator and former Minister of Agriculture Ezechiel Joseph has resigned from the Senate.

Joseph who is currently overseas said it was a party decision to give up the position. He said the United Workers Party (UWP) wants to give some of its candidates exposure.

Joseph said his resignation will make way for a new Senator to be appointed by the UWP.

The former Babonneau MP said his resignation will take effect from December 31, 2015.

He will be attending the last sitting of the Senate for the year on which takes place on Friday.


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  1. Francisco Jn Pierre or Ulric Mondesir will replace him on the senate ....
    Just like Mary Isaac replaced spider....
    Sipping my tea... Waiting for my predictions to unfold....


    • Totally agree. He should take some time out to work on his speech; then maybe one can understand and make sense of what he says.


  2. A good strategy to give someone else exposure at the parliamentary level. Perhaps that person will be one of the party's new candidates. But why leave the curious mind to speculate on the replacement?So tell us who....


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