Opposition party leader in Venezuela assassinated

Opposition party leader in Venezuela assassinated
Mavare was shot in the head
Mavare was shot in the head
Mavare was shot in the head

DNO – Venezuelan politician German Mavare, leader of the opposition UNT party, died Friday after being shot in the head, an assassination that occurred in the western state of Lara, his organization said.

“The board of the UNT expresses its deepest sorrow for the slaying of colleague German Mavare. We demand justice and an end to violence,” was the message posted on the Twitter account of the UNT party, headed by jailed ex-presidential candidate and former governor of Zulia state, Manuel Rosales.

The mayor of Iribarren in Lara state, Alfredo Ramos, said on his Twitter account minutes after the incident occurred before dawn Friday: “German Mavare, of the popular urbanization of Carucieña, a tireless fighter for social causes, has just been hit by a bullet in the head.”

For his part, Luis Florido, an opposition lawmaker of the Voluntad Popular party, said on Twitter: “German Mavare died. A red bullet ended his life. Politics today is high risk. We demand an investigation of the case #NoMoreViolence #Lara”.

The authorities have not yet issued a statement about the matter.


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  1. .......And not only Venezuela but by extension, St. Lucia.
    They have tried racism, verbal threats, what next? some
    have money, who knows where and from whom it came
    from and why? is it to keep the cabal in tact for future deals?
    It wont happen, it's game over: time for a change.


  2. There is a price to be paid for the restoration of good governance. In Venezuela it is now human blood and sacrifice. We are not too far removed from this in Saint Lucia. We have had our POS who have already issued two deadly threats to two of our media personnel within days of each other.

    Our scumbag politicians are allegedly sowing the wind; we will reap the whirlwind. Where there is smoke there is fire. Our creole abandoned for the now rootless Kweyol says: "When your friend's beard is on fire, take water and hose down yours.

    But we are not a people who learn from our mistakes. Our ignorance even extends to not even being aware of creating, and thus far less ever correcting them. Tanto! Tanto!


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