Opposition leader sends condolences to France

Opposition leader sends condolences to France

151113193619-18-paris-shooting-1113-exlarge-169Leader of the Opposition Dr. Gale T C Rigobert said she is saddened by the events of Friday, November 13, Paris, France where gunmen have attacked innocent civilians at several locations including inside a Paris Concert Hall.

Reports are that over 120 people are confirmed dead and several are seriously injured.

In a statement, Dr. Rigobert extended “her condolences to the government and people of France, and especially to the families of the victims of Friday’s attacks, on behalf of herself and the people of Saint Lucia”.

Dr. Rigobert said Saint Lucians are particularly touched by the event as “we share a Francophone connection with the European country”.

“The people of Saint Lucia share a long and lasting bond with the people of France, given our rich French heritage,” Dr.Rigobert said. “Today’s terrorist attack is further proof that States in the West are not untouched by the ideological, religious and political battles that rage on thousands of miles away in the Middle East.”

Dr. Rigobert has called on residents and citizens of Saint Lucia to stand in solidarity with France and join in praying for the people of that country.


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  1. She has the right to send condolences, it so happened that she took the time to do so before the Prime Minister, which means that his government is sleeping as regards the urgency with which it responds to tragic world affairs. As to the Opposition Leader's motives, no one can judge that.


  2. Very well said Dr. Rigobert!! My heartfelt sympathies to the families of those victims..it is really sad..


  3. The PM havent said a word. Took him forever to speak about the increase in rape on island. I actually see nothing wrong with her statement! She holds high position in St. Lucia. Are u saying only the PM can speak on behalf of St. Lucia? Na! Bravo Dr Rigobert for coming out in a timely manner and saying thing!


  4. What is it with that woman, as if you all did'nt know that shit would happen. they take out sadam look what happen, they take out kadaffi, look what happen,you all bringing in the saudis, look out for what go happen. to us when they start setting up their training camps here, already we giving them diplomatic immunity, lucians watch your bread especially you mr.Hilaire You all l think you know what going on ,let me tell you that you don't have a clue. this is just the tip of the Iceberg, There is a lot more bombing to come. I reaLLY DON'T FEEL SORRY FOR THE FRENCH, RUSSIAN, BRITISH AMERICAN AND SAUDIS, WHO HAVE BROUGHT THAT ON THEMSELVES THAT INCLUDES THE GERMANS, THEY WILL HAVE TO PAY FOR THEIR SINS.................MORE TO COME..............

    I aint sorryu,
    yhey bombedc the people now it is the people


  5. Condolences for such acts should come from the prime minister on behalf of the government and people of St. Lucia. The leader of the position should liaise with the prime minister on a statement of condolence that represent the whole government and nation because the opposition is part of our government. Have you forgotten that Miss Rigobert. You do not hear of the republican party making such statements on behalf of America, the president is the one who does that. Its amazing how politicians in st. Lucia uses any and every incident to score points. Shame on you Miss opposition leader. Come on people let show the world we are united in the face of such evil. SMH, SMH, SMH. Cheeee man.


    • It's customary for both PM and Leader of Opposition to make statements on tragic events. Besides why make this about politics. People died yet you thinking about party! Such an uncivilised way of thinking.

      PS. Stop comparing the American Political system to ours. The American political system is different from ours. We follow the West Minister Parlimentary Political system. The USA is a constitutional republic. There is no Leader of Opposition in American political system. Read a book before you try to sound politically correct.


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