Opposition leader expresses solidarity with the police

Opposition leader expresses solidarity with the police
Dr. Gale Rigobert.
Dr. Gale Rigobert.

Leader of the Opposition Dr. Gale Rigobert has expressed solidarity with the police, especially those who are said to be allegedly marginalized and victimized within the Royal St. Lucia Police Force (RSLPF).

Dr. Rigobert made this disclosure at a United Workers Party (UWP) public meeting in Marc/ Bexon on Tuesday evening, dubbing it “unwarranted provocation and persecution.”

“Rest assured the UWP is standing strong alongside you, because we know you are being unnecessarily persecuted. Never must they doubt the commitment of this opposition leader and the UWP,” she said.

The opposition leader therefore called on retired and prospective police officers to join the UWP protest March on October 22, and said current police officers who will be off-duty are also welcomed.

Meanwhile, Castries South East Member of Parliament and former Minister of Works and Communications Guy Joseph said if the police were to strike, then it would be chaos.

Sharing the same platform with Dr. Rigobert and other UWP executives, Joseph said “If the police were to lay down their tools tomorrow morning this country would be in chaos.”

Joseph accused the government should not interfere with the running of the police force and applauded officers whom he said had endured the humiliation brought upon them by Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony.

The Saint Lucia Police Welfare Association (PWA) disclosed on Tuesday that officers who were part of the Special Task Force and implicated in the IMPACS report, have been marginalised and victimised.

PWA President Camron Laure claims that these said officers have been overlooked for promotions and appointments for which they are qualified and certain officers were being asked to retire.

The PWA said it is also seeking legal advice on the constitutionality of the IMPACS investigation, noting that it may have contravened section 19 of the Police Complaints Act.

The organisation also declared that a Police “Hit List” never existed.


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    If this were a chest game and the odds were against you, ask yourself what would you do? Should you sacrifice something or give up in defeat! If you sacrifice the game goes on but giving up in defeat you lose game over. It may have very well be that with Beautiful Saint Lucia, with the way multiply murders were taking place at random on the Island of Saint Lucia at the time
    History has recorded brave men and women who sacrifice their lives for a cause they deemed just but unethical yet they took the risk for the good of the nation, knowing full well the risk accepting the consequences, there always will be those who oppose, there must be opposition for the system to remain in checks and balance followed by accountability
    Few people remembers the horror of the day or days when hideous crime wave erupted and embattled our fair Island if a stop was not put to it, next in waltz the different gangs, stepping right up our front door taking control of the system do you dare to visualize the outcome
    If this decision was not made to go to war with the law breakers then its goodbye Saint Lucia as we know it, hello Viet Nam and the killing fields of Cambodia, so then we must have won the battle for now, we are enjoying a period of halcyon days, quit trying to benefit on the backs of those patriots who fought for our rights to be in a stress free environment is a cowardly thing to do. Unite my People
    Where would Lucians be if this battle was lost? Would it matter to your petty little politics, the gangs would be in charge and they would make the decisions one way or the other. Patriots you know the price for freedom it is never cheap.


  2. Politics affects all segments of our lives,however it's a poor show by those who should know better to politicise the current crisis in the police force.It is also the role of the PWA to support the police ,however it is totally indefensible to defer judicial murders.We all remember the cry for something to be done pertaining to the rampant violence we were experiencing at the time , me included. However ,what we did not ask for is the illegal murder of the so called perpetrators of the violence. We wanted action to be taken within the rule of law. Furthermore the endemic violence in the island demonstrates that this method of law enforcement does not work.
    In relation to the police if there is evidence of judicial killings then some ,must be held responsible and as is the custom the guy at the top must be held responsible, ie Commmissioner Francois , nice guy an all. Those other officers who formed part of the command structure must also be held liable and face the consequences .
    Where I do concur with some is that the process needs to addresses speedily. However it's not a process that the DPP can rush she has to be diligent , her response will impact on the officers lives and careers, more over she must try to avoid further litigation which will cost the state.
    So my people ignore the politicians on both sides and let us progress this matter , learn from the mistakes made and start a process of restore integrity in the police.


  3. joseph, you must be a complete idiot - if the police were to go on strike nothing would change except the guard at your front door would want more money (since when that's my role) and don't forget gale's don't f-- with the baldies hairstyle to try and get publicity. da PWA are bunch of cowards - just come out and say we did it to free the people from scum like GJ


  4. Is would serve you all well to shut the hell up because it all started under u. W. P so there is blood on you all hands. Wait when the dpp takes action some you may face the courts. Time will tell. Soon we all shall see. Talk your talk many of us are not fools.




  6. gale, u r only strengthening the point claudius made in relation to the impacts report, the alleged coup leaders n uwp. so wat now?


    • Another extremely gullible unthinking typical Saint Lucian country bookie with a smart ass statement.


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