Opposition explains walkout: Motion against CIP “disappeared” from order paper (see video)

By SNO Staff

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Members of the main opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) has held a press conference to explain their reason for walking out of this morning’s sitting of the House of Parliament.

The party said the action was in response to the failure of the Speaker of the House to allow the Member of Parliament for Castries South, Dr. Ernest Hilaire, to speak on the Citizens by Investment Programme (CIP) regulations.

Speaking at the conference held at his office, Opposition Leader Philip J. Pierre said the walk-out was to send a message to government that they are “abusing parliamentary procedure”.

“They want to stifle our democracy and the opposition would not be a part of that,” Pierre said.

He further explained that, “About eight weeks ago, the honourable member for Castries South (Hilaire) informed the Speaker that …. a negative motion would be tabled in the House… to negate the changes done by the government on the CIP programme. We had discussions with the Speaker and all was in order. When the order paper was released for the meeting this morning we noticed that the matter of the motion by the member of Castries South had disapppeared from the order paper.

“It was there up to last night, but this morning it disappeared. All the processes and the procedures required for the laying of a motion in the House was met by the member of Castrie South. The notice of six days was given and there was absolutely no reason why the motion should be removed from the Order Paper on the morning of the sitting of parliament.”

Pierre accused the government of “abusing its power” and pointed out what he called a “pattern” by the government to attack reporters and private citizens. He noted the alleged attack on private citizens by Prime Minister Allen Chastanet “calling people hypocrites and liars in public”. The opposition member further accused the government of “deflecting facts” to suit their agenda.

Pierre went on to say that he believes the government does not want the people to hear what they have done so far with the CIP programme.

Members of the Opposition believe the changes to the CIP by the government are a “risk” to St. Lucia’s national security, Pierre said.

He said the people should be aware of what the government intends to do, how many citizens have been given St. Lucian passports, and the government should give “full disclosure” on the reasons for their actions in the House this morning despite all the procedures being met by the opposition.

“We intend to continue to show the people of St. Lucia that this government is vindictive, is dictatorial, it abuses power. If it can do that after less than one year in office, we can imagine what can happen when they are in power for a longer period,” Pierre said.

He added that the opposition has been “very tolerant” and has allowed the government to do what it has to do.

However, he said the time has come to take a stand, to protect “our democracy”, “patrimony” and “people of St. Lucia”.


Opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party for debate was removed from the Order Paper on Tuesday, April 4th 2017 leading to the SLP Parliamentarians staging a walk out.

The SLP expresses its disappointment that minutes before the commencement of Parliament, the motion was removed from the Order Paper on the instruction of the Prime Minister.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party explains that when the Castries South MP, Hon Dr Ernest Hilaire sought to ask for further clarification on the process by which the Motion will be debated given that this is the last sitting of Parliament for the Parliamentary year, the Speaker of the House denied any discussion.

The SLP believes that the Government simply does not wish any debate on the Citizenship by Investment Programme and has refused to provide any information on the CIP as required by law.

The SLP believes that this latest move by the Government is testimony to the vindictiveness and undemocratic nature of the UWP Government and its desire to stifle free speech.

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  1. Tell it as it is

    Forgive SLP. They think that they are still in power and can do as they wish. They forgot that they are out and their actions clearly demonstrated that.
    S stands for stupid
    L stands for little
    P stands for people.

  2. People wouldn't like me as speaker, because I would have placed a name tag of each parliamentarian on a chair in the chamber. As soon as you walk out your seat would be taken out. You would probably have to seat on the floor for the next session you decide to make a come back. What is the message to young people who fail to get their point across or fail at accomplishing something? Walk out on the problem or give up when the odds are staked against you?

  3. After is the man that put st lucia in CIP he have the guts to now come to debate it! the boy have wat they call limeur ! amazing but rats will chew on their own filfth. wat a volaire!

  4. Wow st lucians there is a saying the same stick that beat the black dog will beat the white dog be careful what we wish for let's wait and see time will always tell

  5. I am amazed. Have you noticed whenever the SLP does something or say something the UWP's always resort to the past. You never discuss the ISSUE. The same arguments you use against SLP its exactly what the UWP is doing. So what do you really want? I want change but it seem that is not what most of us want. We just want UWP to be in power which they are and whatever they do is fine. THAT IS STUPID THAT IS IDIOTIC THAT SPELLS DANGER. When something is wrong regardless of who does it it is wrong.

    • This is the truth, they said Slp hiding things from the people now Guy is complaining about leaks of important documents. They said "Kenny" is too arrogant and authorative, Chastanet has been making unilateral decisions since he's been in charge plus tried to embarassed a young journalist for asking a valid question. They said they would bring the price of gas down it has only gone up since they entered office. Just be honest and say that you just want your party in power

      • Anyone who keeps on complaining about the price of gas under any government (SLP or UWP) should ride a bicycle or build his or her solar-powered car or vehicle. Too much ignorance of energy matters is being shown here.

        We do not produce any type of petrochemical compounds locally. We are a price-taker.

        We can only react to the price increases and price drops, as they reflect production levels in the oil-producing countries. In addition, we have to monitor what happens to the floating oil storage tanker ships designed to respond just-in-time to shortages in various markets. Are they empty, or full? Are they "parked" somewhere or not?

        Next, are the alternative energy supplier companies in the USA in particular, getting buyers for their natural gas, and wind energy? Will coal make a significant comeback or not, under the new U.S. administration?

        To keep on thinking like in the past, that all politics is local, is an object lesson in failure and futility.

        We have to invest in our people to locally supply renewable energy. The world will not wait for us to grow up. We are already paying a steep price for brewing a stagnant culture steeped in regurgitating arrant stupidity as commonsense by our local illiterassi for the purpose of gaining votes.

        We will continue to suffer, as we select defective thinking people to repeat what we want to hear, instead of dealing with the realities of our increasing economic and political marginalization.

        To continue in this fashion, is to remain doomed to wallow in our designed confusion and misery.

  6. Wow as I look from afar I see uneducated fools who know nothing related to parliament. Why don't you St lucian fools put party aside and cherish your country. Check BBC and see how parliament is dealt with in England... how many Democrats walked out of parliament yesterday in American. ..Stop you foolish people...

  7. We changed the government in order to get things done. We all knew the things that were wrong in the country. We the taxpayers supported a welfare state with programs such as NICE and STEP in the face of rising taxes. Foreign investment seemed a like backdoor channel to privately dealing with the government, locals had no knowledge, no say and no benefit. We knew nothing of Grynberg, Roachamel, Juffali or the DSH until the SLP was ousted from government. Another foreign investment under their administration was halted at Balembouche since the matter landed in a English Court with allegations that the engineer on the project had hijacked the project from the developer in order to make a private deal with the government at the time. Laptop was seized. We have other projects where this new government has alleged that their predecessor had given the foreign investor the majority shares without alien land holding licenses. These are some serious allegations. This is what we want to hear in the parliament, how will these situations be investigated and be resolved. We all know Hilaire's opposition to CIP as it exists now. He never had a problem when he avoided reporting on CIP, how many people had received passports, up until now its still a mystery. He avoided the question whether Juffali was in possession of a St. Lucian passport and also declined to answer whether the other Arabs and Cubans found on the sea were in possession of St. Lucian passports. So how can Hilaire demand an answer to a question that was thwarted and avoided by his own administration and even walk out of the House for that?

    That is what we want to know. DSH presently is not under the CIP and they would have to make an application so don't muddy the waters to make it look so. When they apply and we know the terms then we can debate it, but for now we need answers on Roachamel, Grynberg, Juffali, Balembouche and other developments and St. Lucian passports. We need an Enquiry.

    • If the populace were ignorant of the actions of the KDA administration in as much as they should be blamed for not being transparent, the opposition UWP at that time is equally wrong for not performing it's duties as the opposition party.

      • You make joke. Since when are opposition political parties to play the role of MI5 and MI6, the KGB and the like?

        When SLP made the egregious blunder of hiding the negotiations regarding Frenwell, what role had the UWP in that? Is it to do foolishness like walking out of the House because they would not reveal details that put eggs on their faces?

        When SLP again secretly paid $150 million to Grynberg to sell our seabed, what role was expected of the UWP when the whole matter was kept secret? What encourage their followers to sabotage something to get the police to guard worksites?

      • An opposition party can only do things in unison with the rest of the populace. I guess you can blame them to a certain degree but our participation and culpability as a the public cannot be underscored.

  8. SLP squandered their 15 years in office. Disrespected St. Lucians, paid no heed to our calls for them to explain things, showed no transparency and accountability and still though St. Lucians would be stupid and vote them back in 2016 and beyond

    Well they got a solid and not surprising shock. 11 - 6 and next time 17-0

    SLP needs a proper flushing. Pierre! A man who sat silent and bewildered as Kenny performed all his stunts. Complict Pierre was for his silence. Jn Pierre next elections y'all will still be at a lost.walk out for good uwp can handle without yall, we incharge of the whole place now.
    The opposition walked out of the house ? They should stay out , that's precisely where they belong. They are not fit to occupy any honorable place . They came for roro and to cause trouble that's why Kenny showed up today. this is a habit of the slpeeeeeeeeeeeee

  9. Our dumb politicians are not saying or doing anything that's new. They were put out to pasture.

    Now they insist on proving how outdated and past their shelf-life their ideas and they are. Sadly, they cannot attract any new faces or people with fresh relevant ideas. Enfeebled minds.

  10. I listened to parliament and I am surprise that the main issue coming out of this meeting is the walkout. How literate are we including the media. I thought Mr. Guy Joseph had a presentation which exposed corruption in the KDA administration. Rochemel/KDA/Fenwell. Don't the media and St Lucians want to know who owned Fenwell and why the Guarantor never paid the loan so that we would have share is the hotel instead of Fenwell? SAD

  11. St Lucia seem so polarised that nothing won't have it change. Underlying this division going by some of the comments here I think is sheer ignorance of the facts. To take just one example: some speak about the election results as if it is the worst ever. How could that be worst than 16-1? If they can't tell it like it is about a visible matter like this when will they do it? The fact is things are not clear as the current government is making out. The dolphins park appears to be more advanced in its planning and construction if we have to go by an article in the Jamaica Gleaner. How comes we were not informed by the government when millions have been spent by an investor already? What's about Bradley's admission about how he dont know how he is going to get round a thorny DSH issue that has already been signed. If these are not serious enough for st Lucian's to be concerned I will consider revoking my citizenship.

  12. These petulant and childish repeated walk-outs by those who care only to warm the seats of the Opposition SLP, show the lack of a depth of knowledge of parliamentary culture. What can you expect of many country bucks?

    The agenda and the order of business in the House is under the control of the members of the majority party. That has not changed since the monarchy lost its "off with their heads" power.

    The government of the day may not postpone indefinitely issues of interest by the Opposition. However, if the superior constitutionalist had been gifted with the acumen associated with leadership qualities, when that one had the 16-1 majority, it would have institutionalized "Question Time", for example.

    What goes around comes around, SLP. Of course, the local illiterassi is always there to worship ignorance in throngs, as the majority SLP following undoubtedly demonstrates in such circumstances. Stupid blokes.

    • So why is the majority not taking responsibility for the election of a Deputy Speaker? Or is it a case of the majority saying to the minority: We are in charge, so if we tell you to take the Deputy Speakership, you are bound to take it. And we are making sure that you take it, by making every one on our side a Minister. So we are skewing the rules in our favour and we are exploiting our majority to place you, the minority, at a disadvantage. And this is FAIR PLAY!

  13. Imagine with plenty issues brought forward and our rights being taken for granted, we just can't have positive critisicism.

    1. Why cut VAT and send people home claiming we can't pay?
    2. Why all investments are around tourism?
    3. Will you accept 10 percent wage cut?

    I think we all should stop being biased and start seeing the true worth of politics.

  14. I am very disappointed in my people. Too many fools around. Their land is taken away from them and yet they support that. "Time will tell". "Too late shall be your cry".

  15. You'll walked out because of what was in store for you.. not because of CIP.because of pigeon point hotel. .. and Mr Pierre letter of comfort Ernest coming for your post

  16. You can see and hear the video...it just a few EBEYCILS against the majority.kenny is a very disrespectful man..same way he did to our lilkle island.he and his cronies just cant accept the shorter end of the baton...he think his balls bigger than his head and belly put together.pierre self is just a big baby POOPET...????...them fellas have power chagweer,sitting in opposition tatse like real poop in their mouth.

  17. I watched these idiots walk out of the house like little girls, that's the third time the SLP doing that, is that any respect for authority, that's the mulls st.lucians voting for, no wander our country so and what got me upset when they arrive outside the illiterate donkeys where there to cheer. Smh

  18. All those saying they right to walk out...I hope y'all know by now what the opposition did to our country....stop being SLP OR FLAMBEAH... RED OR YELLOW ..and be a St.Lucian... Patriotic enough to not be biased.. any government going wrong should be held accountable even though you support them... Nothing wrong in supporting...but that does not mean to support their ills...call a spade a spade...I learnt much from Guy Joseph today...and I am still in shock.... Because some people i know turn moomoo today

  19. I do not want to beleive that the majority of the above writers are educated. If you guys are then youbare all educated fools. I would cease to believe that we have young people thinking along the line of color. Whats wrong will always be wrong no matter the party color. We st. Lucians have to wake up and smell the coffee. Both parties have failed the people pf this land miserably and its time we stand up and take control of what is ours. Is the rubbish that's being presented by our current administration acceptable because worse were done in the past or is it time dor us to say we want serious people that can cultivate results for the people. Currently Chastanet and his team has proven incompetent. Were they elected to bully us around and make decisions without our consebt and the say we cab do anytbing about it? If we are to continue along those current lines by thr end of the five years we will not own anything in St. Lucia. 1st it was DSH where there are no returns for the country and no labor clause to protect our people. 2nd it was the selling of Bank of St. Lucia international, 3rd it was giving up pigeon point for a dolphin park which will affect our tourism maket i the European Union immensely and Who knows what is being signed withoutour knowledge. Is it ok for Chastanet and his team to sign agreements on our behalf without our knowledge. Should we swallow everything he drops down our throats. Stop with the red and yellow and start thinking of our children's future. What will be left for them?

  20. But did not we vote for change? why complain now....we get we government we deserve...
    unless of course our collective mind was manipulated prior to the vote??
    don't we need to some how stabailise ourselves?

  21. The Speaker of the house should take a teaspoon of epsom salts every morning before the house onvenes
    See if that won't put everything in order.

  22. Tell me again what was achieved by pulling that stunt in the house. A whole bunch of supposedly grown men behaving like a bunch of idiotic fools. Omg what a freaking embarrassment u all are. What an example that is being set for the youth who look up to people like you.

  23. Boy , oh boy! We are in big deep dodo in St Lucia. We are stuck between two bags of watermelons. We need to get rid of both of them or else things will never change! What a circus!!!!!!!!!!

  24. That whole thing was orchestrated. I can see this woman from Vfort standing in front of Kenny D Anthony who always take time off to go and protest.

  25. The opposition walked out of the house ? They should stay out , that's precisely where they belong. They are not fit to occupy any honorable place . They came for roro and to cause trouble that's why Kenny showed up today.

    • Really stupiđ it's a parliamentary seating! He is in parliament. U must be 10. And I guess the members forming the government are so for and honourable. .do you love under a freaking rock ! Don't u c what's happening in the country?

    • The opposition always has a set of illiterate old crows following them everywhere...they dont even know what CIP stand for?

      • Both SLP and UWP "have a set of illiterate old crows following..." hence why St Lucia will not progress.

        Way too much PARTY politics St Lucia will never progress with that type of political demographic.

        It's only the YOUTH (those who's minds have not been corrupted like they parents) who can make that change from PARTY politics to genuinely wanting better for the country and its people.

        The Revolution has already started!

  26. Jn Pierre next elections y'all will still be at a lost.walk out for good uwp can handle without yall.rayyyyyyyy we incharge of the whole place now.

    • ti lung, you must be a real TI LANGUE, if you do not even know that the leader of the opposition is
      Phillip J. Pierre . Where you get thewt Jn Pierre from Bo Bo Lee.

      • MASKSED BANDIT.????

        And i think u're the TI in the LANGUE...that likkle hole where the bloody shit comes out.....im so assuming the (J) is for jackasshole.

  27. I really feel sorry for us St.Lucians. We need to start looking beyond red and yellow. Politicians are never the victims. If you take a closer look you will realize we are always the ones being short changed.....the people. We are always the ones being fooled because we are so caught up in the red and yellow politics while the politicians eat, drink and laugh together and allow us to make asses of ourselves. To late shall be our cry!

    • My brother or sister I agree with u but we are in the minority and sad thing is the illiterate st lucians are the majority and will continue to vote, be ridiculed , fight for politicians die for politics instead of worrying about themselves when politicians screw us over and instead of making politicians know we in charge in we tired of the Fckry. So this is going to continue till we both are dead and our children their children and so on will feel the effects of dsh , the millions Taiwanese gave to these politicians that went in accounted for , look at st Jude hospital burnt in 2009 we in 2017 only two yr short of a decade and we still have nothing poor st Lucian boy what a life

    • Righteous Intentions

      Very well said!

  28. They took St. Lucia by storm... (11-6) now they hitting us like a hurricane with rubbish management....regretble Lucian...

  29. Oh how we love flambeau

  30. A group of people who took st Lucia by storm...( 11-6) ..now they hitting us like a hurricane with rubbish policies . Then again thats what we voted for keep killing us

    • hitting the slp not the country

      • "Hitting the SLP" you are truly a "boy" if you think is the SLP they hitting.

        Its us and your children and gran children they hitting!

        Show me one broke politician in St Lucia either SLP or UWP?!

  31. Exercise Instructor

    When will the Opposition bench start to exercise its brains instead of its legs?

    • If the ruling party has influence on the matters brought up for discussion in the Chamber, then intelligent people would expect the agenda to reflect the wishes of that party. Yes or no? They think that they are fooling all of us. That is another part of the baggage of the real fools who think so.

    • How exactly should the Opposition do that?

  32. SLP squandered their five years in office. Disrespected St. Lucians, paid no heed to our calls for them to explain things, showed no transparency and accountability and still though St. Lucians would be stupid and vote them back in 2016.

    Well they got a solid and not surprising shock. 11 - 6.

    Today like ants they want to crawl back into governance. But St. Lucians not stupid to take on the same jokers who they just put out. SLP needs a proper flushing.

    Pierre! A man who sat silent and bewildered as Kenny performed all his stunts. Complict Pierre was for his silence.

    • Two wrongs don't make it right. These guys came in talking about open government, transparency and accountability as you so described about the past government. This is called hipocracy when you blame someone for doing the same things you criticized them on. I guess this is politics and we only see things in two colors. You do not sign documents that will affect people's lives for a long time knowing full well the risk is way above the threshold to make one feel comfortable. This is like playing Russian roulette with our future. Your first paragraph reflects exactly what Chas is doing presently.

  33. The SLP should ask the govt to call elections now. And guess what? I would still vote UWP.

  34. It is amazing how the SLP government dis so many underhand things that we knew nothing about until it was brought to light years afterwards. Example The said same person Dr. Ernest Hilaire did not know about the SLP dealing with Dr Juffali’s diplomatic status. So we didn't know abut this for two years and now the SLP saying all this mess about the CIP and who the government selling passports too. Hmmm It seems like sour grapes eh. BIG POLITICAL IDIOTS THEM ALL ARE.

  35. You guys are a bunch of jokers feeding on poor people minds but guess what St. Luians saw you guys for what you are and voted you jokers OUT.......stay outside of the house then jokers

    • winner winner chicken dinner! it will be a lot easier for the govt to get things done without these crybabies just trying to muddy the water.

      • Do worry you head. SLP politicians are still in diapers. Dem doh grow up yet. Their gray hair is just more proof.


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