Opposition criticizes legislative agenda; concerned about increased borrowing

Opposition criticizes legislative agenda; concerned about increased borrowing
Chastanet and Frederick.
Chastanet and Frederick.

Members of the opposition have expressed their concern over some of the plans put forward by the current administration in this year’s budget.

Political Leader of the United Workers Party (UWP) Allen Chastanet said he is not pleased with pronouncements made by the Governor General Dame Pearlette Louisy, during her traditional Throne Speech on Tuesday.

Chastanet said he is disappointed particularly as it relates to the government’s legislative agenda. The UWP politician said nothing was mentioned about how they plan to address unemployment or improve agriculture.

“It is very difficult for the people understand the impact on their own lives will be…If you have a government that can’t even recognise and understand and say to the people that they appreciate and understand what is going on and that they are going to work hard to solve those problems, how are you going to prioritise your action?’ he told HTS News Force.

Meanwhile, Castries Central Member of Parliament, Richard Frederick, also expressed concern over government’s plan to borrow more. Frederick said this year’s budget calls for borrowing financing requirement of close to $346 million.

“This essentially means that for the next financial year the country would have to borrow in excess of $1 million every working day,” he explained. Frederick believes that this could have some negative effects.

He said government should focus more on increasing its revenue and tailor its expenditure.

“How do we increase revenue? By making Saint Lucia a better place to do business. We need to facilitate trade for purposes of stimulating the economy. The situation now explains why we moved from 29 to 101 on the Ease of Doing Business list,” he said.

The Castries Central MP blames government agencies, who he said, makes it difficult to do business here.

Government plans to introduce a suit of legislation in areas such as: family life and children, youth, energy liberalization, customs management, citizenship by investment, public private sector partnership and border security.

The administration has presented an over $1.4 billion budget for the 2015/16 financial year.


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  1. So much borrowing then when they lose elections in about 1 year with Kenny in opposition he will accuse the new administration of putting this country in debt. .... Reverse psychology ???


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