Opposition calls on women to demand sacking of government minister


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(CMC) – The leader of the main opposition St. Lucia Labour Party (SLP), Phillip J. Pierre is calling on women here to demand the resignation of Public Service Minister, Dr Ubaldus Raymond.

Earlier this month, Raymond said he had accepted apologies from two young ladies who were charged with blackmailing him and that he is happy the court matter is now over.

“I encouraged them and told them that though they cannot erase their past however they need to focus on their future,” said Raymond.

Last year, the two 18-year-old ladies were arrested after nude photos of Raymond were leaked online. The charges have since been withdrawn.

When the allegations were first made, there had been calls for Prime Minister Allen Chastanet to dismiss Raymond or force him to resign.

Addressing the SLP annual conference in Laborie, southwest of here on Sunday, Pierre said that gender related bias is still a real part of life in St. Lucia

He said while he always avoids making comments on the private lives of politicians or parliamentarians, “but when their behaviour is injurious to the public good, I have a moral duty to comment”.

Pierre said that parliamentarians have the privileged position of creating laws and therefore have a duty to respect and uphold those laws.

“The flagrant disregard for the rules of confidentiality in a mediation process by a sitting Senator at the expense of a young woman is distasteful and undermines the confidence in our system of justice,” he said, adding that such behaviour deserves condemnation from all quarters.

“I call upon the women of St. Lucia to stand up and demand that Ubaldus Raymond is fired as a minister in the cabinet of St. Lucia.

“That is a fight, not for the labour party, that is a fight for all the women of Saint Lucia and the young women of Saint Lucia,” Pierre said.

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  1. No comments? Who is protecting whom?

  2. From small you say, if there were ever to be a man who loves to 'bat gel'?

  3. Even the one who says she is so holy cannot say anything . Ask why her husband divorcing she.

  4. Mr. Pierre note that mediation is not part of the Justice system. It is an ethical consideration. Remember that i lamented and then advised that an ethical rule book needs to be implemented for parliamentarians. However, my suggestion has found deaf ears, so tumpee pour ou. You cannot single out one parliamentarian for unethical behavior because you still have many on your side who have been accused.

    I see this as you and your party trying to escape from a net that you are very much part of and instrumental in shaping. Remember that you, Dr. Anthony and Dr. Ernest Hilare were very much part the Juffali's attempt to subvert justice to a young woman. the voting public There are Staff Orders which governs the ethical conduct of civil servants so why isn't there a standard for parliamentarians? In the US there are many governmental ethical watchdogs so why isn't there a standard on a rock where the one eye man is king?

    These are the main questions that will surround the re-election of any future government, and it won't be a test as to their credibility. We have two checks on government: one is the Ombudsman and the other is the Integrity Committee, none has ever really functioned; Constitutional Reform is also dead. I see this upcoming election as a movement that will judge politicians on their history in responding to the inevitable changes that will need to be effected if we are to survive. What is it in your past that gives us an indication that you will Reform our Constitution and Justice System? Remember that you said an outright no to Constitutional reform and you knowing allowed a system which you has said in unequivocal terms had failed people like Trisha Denis. What about Marijuana legislation that you are now dangling to an unsuspecting crowd? Well your Party has been promising it from 1979 and you Cabinet said an outright "no" through your Attorney General Victor La Corbiniere. Speaking of women's rights we all know where that is with your Party.

    We are all too familiar with the carrot dangling antics of your party because we have living evidence in the promised completion of the hospitals, promised Constitutional Reform,promised Universal Health Care, promised Diabetic Research Centre, promised settlement of IMPACS, and not to mention that famous promise of immediately injecting of 100 million into the economy, and thats just a few. This is the real reason why your party lost the election. It wasn't through anybody's fault and it is absurd to assess why you lost by speaking to your own supporters, they voted for you anyway. The undecided informed voters determine elections not rubber stamps and party hacks. Dr. Tennyson Joseph might be a bright boy but not as bright as the owner of the Cadres Poll who has no doctoral degree.

    • O my God. You write all this to say what ?? Or is it justify THE BREACH OF MORAL AND ETHICAL CODE OF CONDUCT line Raymond has cross as a paid siting public official who have sworn to upheld the laws that governs St Lucia ??? Wow wow wow wow wow wow I just have to shake my head. UNBLIVEABLE ! Well their goes the neighborhood.

  5. THE REAL PRIME MINISTER AS SPOKEN ! A picture tells a story. A picture speaks a thousand words. ANYBODY WHO DEFENDS UBALDUS RAYMOND AND HIS SALOPTY IS JUST AS NASTY FROM THE TOP ALL THE WAY DOWN. Raymond is just another Anthony Weiner YES I SAID IT and he should just follow his path. I wonder how much THE BOYS IN YELLOW paid them ?? Not so smart girls they should have recorded them.

    • gasa boss man I agree with you but the thing is most a dem Lucian woman no really have a problem with that you see most of them figure Raymond just get himself in a vise with his jammets you understand and is no big deal that's why I love them they program like that somebody in UWP party always on some salop vibes

  6. Is this politician so weak that there is the implied incapacity to mobilise the female population? Is is so much so that the politician is attempting to lead from behind?

    This is not a little ironic that women, the downtrodden lot of this population are being urged to take the lead to ask for the resignation of a minister? Has this politician lost his voice or is he afflicted with a faint heart? Does this politician have what it takes to continue in politics?

  7. Pierre said that parliamentarians have the privileged position of creating laws and therefore have a duty to respect and uphold those law?

    What law has Raymond broken here? None. If he breached confidentiality laws, then its a tort between the parties of the mediation, not you Pierre. you have no standing, and you dont know the particular details of the agreement anyways.
    Furthermore, if the case was settled and nothing was said, you would have demanded a statement from the minister...and then call him names?

    Now what are you talking about this is a fight for women... blackmail is not a crime of gender. We hardly have any crimes which are gender specific anymore. Blackmail, which was the legal issue in this case, is a crime against our nation. Now since you have privilege of creating laws, maybe you want to remove it from our law books. otherwise while its there, the state can hold all who breach the law accountable.

  8. Look who's talking.......Idiot you need sacking your useless self,just collecting pay checks upon pay checks on our tax money while you sit on your azz shooting B S. You are like a piece of s... that just wont flush.

  9. This is the discovery of the obvious by both sides. Everyone - red and gold - all citizens - should have demanded the resignation of Ubaldus. Immediately. Long ago. Many did. Why is it now on the shoulders of the women of Saint Lucia? Why not all shoulders, national shoulders? This is not a gender issue. It is a decency issue. How extraordinary that the two young women are now at fault. Those are NOT their genitals on display. Whose genitals were they?

  10. Shut your mouth ... That is a fight for the Saint Lucia Labour Party ...
    There are only a few brainwashed blind mice.... The others can see!!

  11. Oh! Pure as the driven snow SLP. Wow.

  12. This bunch of socialist misfits only know one thing which is how to unleash rogue government on unsuspecting people. If Saint Lucians with homes with mortgages and cars with loans to pay, are not dumb as SLP shysters believe, then they will keep those socialist misfits in the political wilderness till they all go to hell.

  13. Mr.Pierre, do you want me to release messages I have from an SLP minister whilst he was a member of cabinet?? I have that saved in a file. aaa. the Mister behave yourself turn, It all started when I went to his office for a job, Man offered a hotel in soufriere and mind you We lived so far from soufriere, but he wanted to go all soufriere in a hotel to hear my qualifications and I was 18.

  14. so only ubaldus that did something wrong eh. the two women did not do nothing wrong? i think its high time in this country that we make all guilty persons pay for their accountability. i find that women do things and because they are women yall want to do it in a hush hush way and go to lenient on them. the last time a woman killed her husband that just died there with no big fuss but if it was the other way round the women would be making endless of noise marching around ad talking about violence against them but i have not seen one thing about violence against men.

  15. Lawn served with you...No problem...You hippo creek.

  16. Stop spreading discord in the land man.

  17. pierre, u are the biggest a$$ holl slp ever had, why don't u your self resign because u can never be prime minister for the little time u have to live, you afraid of Raymond, you just on the man's case, send your woman in panty and bra to protest, and he will resign, you a$$ holl

  18. So women now have to do SLP's job for them? Messier, la vie est drolle. What am I hearing? Some people are mad as @$&%$#.


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