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Opposition boycott not benefitting St. Lucia – UWP PRO

By SNO Staff

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Flavien, new UWP PRO

Flavien, new UWP PRO

The newly-appointed public relations officer (PRO) of the governing United Workers Party (UWP has said the alleged boycott of this morning’s (June 22) upper house sitting by opposition senators is putting the country at a “disadvantage”.

Commenting on Facebook, Kernisha Flavien said the “average person” knows that nothing can be done if you are not present and therefore “nothing can ever be expected from them”.

She said “this behaviour is putting the county at a disadvantage as it allows possible passage of bills without debate from all sides”.

Reports are that the House of Assembly was noticeably emptier this morning after three opposition senators of the main opposition St. Lucia Labour Party (SLP) – Joachim Henry, Guibion Ferdinand and Jerome Gideon – reportedly boycotted the proceedings – which still went on to advance the debate on the Appropriations Bill.

Today’s boycott follows the June 20 walk-out by opposition MPS during the second sitting of the House for the debate on the Appropriations Bill.

At the time, opposition members exited shortly after a presentation by SLP member for Laborie Alva Baptiste, and moments after Prime Minister Allen Chastanet rose to close the debate.

Leader of the Opposition Philip J. Pierre had told a press conference that the walk-out was necessary after a number of lines were crossed by the prime minister.

One of them, according to him, was the “first time”  a government’s first budget debate was adjourned by 40 days.

Chastanet, in response to claims that he broke conventions at the House sitting by not allowing the opposition an opportunity to speak following the Laborie member’s presentation, said that when given the chance, no one chose to speak and because of this he closed the debate.

Chastanet accused members of the SLP of both adhering and abandoning conventions when it suits them.



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    • Ti ma mi ( little girl)
      Ve ye ecole ( go back to school)
      Apwen leeson( learn your lessons )
      & ga dey pous a job ou sa fe (look for a job you can do).

      Young lady you have no clue what you are talking about. You should educate yourself in Politics first if you want to be taken seriously. Most people see you as a kid.

      • S T L 123 how do you know is mama's girl is a kid??? Smfh. I swear y'all believe everything y'all see and read

  1. Miss pro. You too fast. Take it ez n you take your time to grow

  2. Child you have no idea what you talking about I suggest you stay out of politics and work for your bread while you can

  3. Ms. Flavian you should try and understand the issues before you put out these statements. Don't insult the intelligence of St Lucians with the crap that Allen Chastanet ask you to read. You come across as a joke. How about going back to singing Calypso.

    • Ms. PRO here's what you can ask Allen Chastanet about and get back to us:
      1) Was Michael Chastanet, the UWP or Allen himself paid by Teo Ah Khing or DSH to sign that ridiculous agreement?
      2) When will the PM make public the terms of the Black Bay agreement with Range Development?
      3) Will Allen Chastanet renegotiate the DSH agreement?
      4) What is Allen Chastanet willing to do to prevent the potential unrest in St Lucia as it relates to DSH?
      5) Is Allen Chastanet willing to sit down with the leadership of the SLP and VFCCCC and discuss the DSH agreement?
      6) When will Allen Chastanet discuss the CIP changes with Parliament?

  4. Madam PRO what's not good for St.Lucia is the arrogance of your P.M Allen. The walkout by the opposition was as a direct of your massa continued display of disrespect to the citizen's of St.Lucia, including you if you are still a concerned one. The P.M clearly did not want the debate to go on from the time he adjourn the house for forty days. Madam PRO please tell the nation what else the opposition could have done when the P.M hurriedly close the debate in 33 seconds. Madam PRO I urge you to please look up the meaning of debate before you pen such rubbish.

  5. Is that the best you can do with the intelegence of Lucians. I guess you can since you think that they can be feed with anything that sounds good but not possible. Can you please make another statement that make sense to the Lucian interlects. With this statement, I am feeling well insulted as many others are and believe it or not I really do not care about none of these parties.

  6. But while the Prime Minister claimed that no one chose to speak when the thine came after Alva Baptiste, Stevenson King disclosed publicly that they were working to a plan that was put together by Mr. Chastanet himself. So did the Ministers CHOOSE not to speak,or were they ordered not to , as part of the Chastanet strategy ? Furthermore, if Alva speaks and no one chose to speak, should the Prime Minister take this so lightly, or should he not order his Ministers to speak, as the Constitution expects ? So who is weak : Chastanet, who cannot get his side to do their duty as the Constitution requires, or the Ministers who did not speak, because they agreed to be subservient to Chastqnet ? Is this a classic case of the bling leading the blind ?

  7. stop being chasenet ................
    honestly girl u pathetic

  8. Uginey Marcelle William

    Girl bye. Chpz??

  9. If Chastanet didn't want anything to be debated at the lower house what sense it make for the opposition to stay. Tolal nonsense. Chastanet stops everything. Time will tell

  10. Your forehead is definitely not distracting.

  11. In as much as I have nothing to do with politicians, as I have always say they are all jokers and deserve to be residents at the Bordelais Correctional Facility. I am very concern with what the new set of jokers are doing to the country. Graduating from one stage of stupidity to the next.

  12. Mis PRO i guess dont understand what went on there. you should ask your PM to explain but then again he will tell you just what you said which is so damm. it was a well thought out plan orchistrated by the (coolie)... the PM force a closer and even force his own MP to shut up. in other words the remaining Flambour MP contribution dont mean a thing so they dont have to say it ...thats what Mr. PM implied

  13. Thats OK, they can leave. A clear indication they dont really care.They not making all the fuss and querrel to see anything better, its all about manipulation and thirst for the return to power at any cost.

    I agree, if they dont wanna stay to debate, close it off. Move on and get on with the neccessary work with the country. No Time to Waste.

  14. But I suppose Chastanet selling land at $1.00 an acre is. This garden tool is something else

  15. Whine for your supper my girl... little jenny come lately
    want to come and talk. Whine girlie whine

  16. Move there with your crap..your disrespectful behaviour is worse than our Men walking out...choops tan


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