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Opinion: “I never see any white person come and hug when a black person kills their loved one”

Letter to the editor

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The two of you up there talking about forgiving. That’s a slave mentality. Forgiveness is not mandatory, you don’t have to forgive anyone.

You only forgive if the person hurting you have shown remorse for their actions. You see black people have issues. You will forgive the white woman that killed your brother but when is another black person oh hell has to be paid.

Botham bother is a weak black man. How many times must you love your oppressor? I never see any white person come and hug when a black person kills their loved one, but leave it up to black people to bow to white folks, and you have black judges part-taking in the unjust sentencing.

Ten years she got, she will be out in five years. Any black person would have got 15-25 years. After all the police brutality black people face in this country you have the audacity to sit up there and hug the person that murdered your family member. Really!

That’s why I don’t like you Christians. You somehow think justice is a bad thing and you must forgive without any expectation from the person who did wrong. Smh.

The man was inside his apartment not bothering no one, she went looking to kill him. And if you listen to testimony from the trial she didn’t even give CPR that she was trained to do and you sit up there hugging your oppressor?

How long will you continue to be a slave? That’s why I don’t like you Christians. You believe in fantasy and you just plain brainwashed and stupid and God doesn’t like stupid people.

Concerned citizen

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  1. thats deep and makes alot of sense

  2. who ever wrote this still is thinking like a slave emancipate your self from mental slavery and you dont have to like Christians. stupid comment

  3. Did you all watch how Allison sat on the stand and say she cannot eat nor sleep look at her she is not too far from the kitchen at all. Wait when she gets a couple millions from her tragedy she will put you all azz through he wringer watch the witch action four or five years from now that's how long they have to wait for a pay day it depends on how good they attorney is. You check it.

  4. in 10yrs time that youth will be banging her, making her pay the price for the youth his brother would have produce. Hope she won't be too old to breed!

  5. could be because you don't want to see it or because some black killers don't show any remorse for their crimes. i am sure you don't consider yourself to be racist either.

  6. A niggers opinion.

  7. The hug has more meaning than can be understood. It has the world buzzing. Everything happens for a reason. A lesson is learnt for or against. Love your enemies as is written, and it will cause them to change their ways.

  8. I agree with that opinion piece.

    If the image of God that you worship is a white man, and the image of Jesus is a white man, and the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary is a white woman, then no wonder we are always finding ways to forgive white people. No matter how much they brutalized our ancestors and are still trying to destroy us, we always find ways to forgive them because in our heads they represent God. If this behavior isn't part of the slave mentality, then what is it? We have really learned to hate ourselves and love our oppressors. Black people better wake up quickly.

  9. HOUSE ---Niggers. Black People Stand up For Once man.

  10. All of you idiots criticizing the opinion above I urge you to shut the hell up! You don’t understand this issue, this is bigger than Botham.

    This is about police brutality against black people in America...Botham is just a representation of a man that live the perfect life in terms of he didn’t have a criminal record, was doing good in his community, went to school, had a job...did everything a mother would be proud of.

    They still found a way to go up in his apartment and kill him. And it’s alway the same characters white cop kill black man ok. So all of you talking peace and forgiveness... “Middle finger”.... and I know is mostly you Christians that’s always pushing forgiveness cause you worship a white god..

    And let’s call it what it is that white Jesus is an IDOL

    Didn’t Exodus 20 tell you to stop worshiping IDOLS? Hypocrites !!

    • If you are going to be an Atheist at least read the bible. then you would know how to argue. You are not doing a good job right now.....just a lot of anger, middle finger and racism yourself . oh by the way Jesus was not white .Find peace before you blow a gasket.
      Nobody is saying that it isn't about police brutality, it is. and ethos vs etnos

    • Too much hate. Anger,.....middle finger etc. Try and reign it in or no one takes you seriously. PS. Jesus wasn't white.
      And yes we know it May be White on Black crime......but the book you don't like or read speaks of ethnos vs ethnos.
      He ….Brandt still did the correct thing....he didn't give in to hate and vengeance....that is so overrated and immature

  11. What the above critics don't know is peace. Botham is not coming back. whether or not you give the cop 99 yrs, Botham is not coming back but his brother has proven that he will honour Botham by living the lessons taught to him. When you have a relationship with the almighty that is powerful and intimate you start to look at life differently.
    If he chooses to hate her what does he gain from that? a miserable, destructive life. Yes one can be quite angry....that is understood ........but the legacy of Botham will stand. This is just the beginning!!! He was a worshiper and he planted seed that shall never die.
    You should know that ..this was not a small Caribbean incident. This gained world wide coverage.
    Do you know how many lives were touched just in the hug. If he can forgive someone who killed his brother he is not a weak black man as stated . HE IS A LION.

  12. I strongly agree she should gotten 40 - 60 Years
    If it were to be a black woman who killed a white man they would automatically think life in prison
    Once again WHITE PRIVILEGE comes in ........God please guide and protect the rest of the black people in the United States before they're all gone or locked up
    I hope she rot in prison
    It doesn't matter who you are or what you're doing once your skin isn't white you're not safe in a white community, I mean it isn't safe anywhere but if was in St Lucia he would be alive today.
    Be in the ghetto, going to school, sit in church, driving a nice car or even going to get yourself groceries will get you killed
    When will it stop I don't know why his brother did what he did and I understand God said forgive and forget
    He NVR said embrace a liar & a murderer
    She claimed she never knew your brother which did...... He making it seem like it's okay that she killed his brother no it's not. He need help

  13. I agree with you 1000 percent.

    • Don’t care with you basic ppl

      So what’s the point of holding a grudge? I personally think that hating someone makes no sense. You self more stupid. Who say Jesus is white? Said not every Christian ever. Maybe you referring to Catholics. If you wanna hold ppl in your heart that’s you, but don’t get mad at ppl for thinking differently and expressing their opinion. To each their own. If that’s how the guy wants to deal with it let him be. You think everyone will have the same mindset as you? Let ppl live their life tun. I rather live my life without not grudge than be mad when I see or hear that person name. I don’t have time for that. It takes a weight off my shoulders.

  14. Lmfao Wow. I DONT KNOW but ALL I GET FROM THAT ARTICLE IS A BUNCH OF GIBBERISH TALK from an ignorant Person😂. LIKE who Does That?? I know its your opinion and stuff but geeeshhhhh sis/bro Get a Fucking Life. Thats nonsenical. Thats Crazy. Btw yes u have to forgive people inorder for you to be forgiven. WE ALL, WE ARE NOT PERFECT. I WOULDNT DO WHAT HE DID. Never! However BE MINDFUL AND always RESPECT PEOPLES CHOICES. FORGIVENESS IS EVERYTHING! FORGIVE N YOU WILL BE FORGIVEN. I AM ASSUMING THAT THE WRITTER IS AN ATHIEST. GOD IS GOOD. PLAIN N SIMPLE.

    • Look who’s talking about “GIBBERISH”! You have capital letters in the middle of a sentence a bunch or run on sentences . A big old paragraph with out any separation and you want to talk about “GIBBERISH” — Get a grip idiot !

  15. 15 to 25 years only??? A black man shot dead a white police dog, he's facing 45 years 4 that... 🤣

  16. Some how the mentality of black people are different from white people. In this case I would forgive and have her to sentenced 60 years or life prisonment. White people do not have mercy for black people remember this.

  17. Its because of people like you there Is no peace let peace rein.......i hope that you don't find your self in a situation where you will need least some people knows how to move on......this young man is free......while you are not

  18. Whoever you are, I couldn't agree with you more and you couldn't said it better than that....I finally got someone who shared my same sentiments....


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