Online users declare Kenny Anthony a failed leader – LPM

Online users declare Kenny Anthony a failed leader – LPM
Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony
Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony

Below is a press release from the Lucian Peoples Movement (LPM) political party

An online survey about the prime minister’s leadership on the Lucian People’s Movement (LPM) website has provoked a vigorous response from members of the St Lucia Labour Party (SLP).

According to the LPM, “Their ridiculous outbursts, laced with insults, demonstrated their intolerance for the political right of the LPM to question the leadership abilities of Kenny Anthony and were met with much amusement by the LPM.”

“For the first time since the SLP placed Prime Minister Kenny Anthony on the altar of political adulation,” the LPM said it has finally exposed their leader’s clay feet.

“To those who worship Kenny Anthony or are too frightened to question the policies and leadership abilities of the man, the LPM continues to prove that not only is it not frightened of the SLP’s Goliath, but also that it humbly accepts its status as David,” the LPM said in a statement.

The LPM said it will, therefore, frame the issues of the day in whatever manner it deems most effective in getting its message across to the people of Saint Lucia and to raise their political consciousness.

“Until such time as Kenny Anthony abuses his authority again (we refer to the CCJ issue) by tinkering with the Saint Lucian constitution to silence his critics, the LPM will continue to face the future unafraid. Furthermore, it will continue to choose the best methods available to marshal its political talents to help bring about an effective end to SLP rule,” the party continued.

The LPM said that, historically, the SLP and some of its overzealous group of supporters have exhibited a myopic mindset that sees everyone who disagrees with their policies as an enemy deserving of public ridicule and scorn.

“They seem to have forgotten how vehemently the leadership of the LPM railed against UWP excesses during its tenure in office,” the statement added.

“Today, whatever goodwill the LPM might have had towards the SLP in the aftermath of its victory in 2011 has all but dissipated. Whenever we have sought to offer input, our views have been rudely dismissed,” the LPM said, providing the following examples of such suggestions:

a) That the excessive expenditure on travelling abroad and maintaining Saint Lucia’s huge foreign bureaucracy in the form of embassies and consulates be curtailed.

b) That due consideration is given to South Africa as a destination where our students can receive quality but affordable education.

c) That there be a national consultation to combat crime and the accompanying negative image of our country.

d) That Saint Lucia’s patrimony be protected by not allowing huge corporations such as Sandals to build bungalows over our waters for personal profits, especially when such profits are not balanced by job creation.

e) That the SLP exhibit greater compassion for the poor instead of rushing the implementation of the value added tax (VAT), of 15 percent.

f) That instead of inflating the public purse by creating the non-essential position of attaché for Calixte George Jr., the SLP should allow him to utilize his training and skills as an electrical engineer for the greater benefit of our country. We believe that Mr George would be better suited to heading a division within the Ministry of Public Service, Sustainable Development, Energy, Science and Technology. Instead of serving as one of several advisors to the prime minister, he could be devoting himself to uncovering advances in geothermal and solar energy technologies that could lower the cost of powering government offices, homes, businesses, playgrounds, and the streets, thus revolutionizing the island’s energy industry that would generate thousands of sustainable jobs.

g) That Kenny Anthony keeps his personal animosities in check and not display such vitriol towards those with whom he disagrees politically.

The party explained that, it is against this backdrop, and the fact that Anthony has served as leader of the SLP for 17 years and prime minster for 12 years, that it decided to pose this straightforward question to online users:

How would you rate Kenny Anthony’s leadership?
a) An excellent leader
b) A mediocre leader
c) A gross failure

The poll, which was not scientific, provided the LPM with a snapshot of how online users regard the prime minister’s leadership.

“However, despite our best efforts to prevent it, the LPM IT Department uncovered two instances where political supporters of the SLP sought to manipulate the votes with sophisticated software that dumped 97 votes in favour of Dr Anthony’s leadership. Our leadership was immediately notified, and we instructed our IT Department to keep tabs on the fraudulent votes until the voting was over,” the LPM said.

According to the LPM, this attempt at fraud failed. The total number of honest votes cast was 870. Two hundred and forty-five, or 28.16%, voted “excellent” for Kenny Anthony’s leadership abilities; 240, or 27.59%, voted “mediocre”; and 385, or 44.25%, felt that he had failed as a leader.


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  1. Zandolee,i am sure u are one of the perpetual EDIOTS,who cannot see no further than your ugly self,listen to reality,u must be one of those who wants to live the rest of your life in a counk shell like a parasite,by the way,u must be an LPM pimp,and a UWP junkie,get a lifeeeeeee..


  2. yes my brother .u said it right kenny have to go. he dos not care abourt the malaya but hem self and all the SLP members have to go. urrugh is only for them.kenny is not a leader.go LPM go u doing a good work


  3. LPM is right on the money with this poll. Kenny and his people can pretend otherwise but it is what it is.

    Trying to beat down the LPM is not going to help. It's just idiotic. We are not blind weall can see what the SLP is trying. My hats off to the LPM party.


  4. LPM wanna be in the hot seat just so they can fail too. What sorry-arse politicians everywhere.


  5. Regardless if this poll is scientific or not, DR. Kenny Anthony cannot dispel the fact that many SLU-Nationals are very angry with his leadership...and one must come to grips to the reality that this will be the order of the day, until people can be able to breathe and bring home the "bacon" to feed their families.

    So this nonsense of "DI PARTY" hacks trying to say otherwise is obviously living in a utopian SLU, where everything appears to be nicely decked and well adorned.

    Well, one only needs to walk around, speak to the common men ( yes the ones that you bloody need to bring your begging bowls to get votes for you to once again expand your fat stomachs in office.)
    Speak to them and let them tell you, how they are catching their Royals.

    And just to state here, i don't support any party in SLU...but policies that may work in the benefit of our children's FUTURE, YOU UNEDUCATED FOOLS WHO KEEP ON POSTING EVERYTHING ABOUT "DI-PARTY."


  6. You can blame your students for not learning BUT you, can't be all over the media, spreading lies/rumors on a country's educational system, that top the list in Latin America to produce the best Medical personals.. The PM, his cabinet and his so call professional Ns they were all involved in criticizing the education system of the Cuban how its not competent, not up to standard, doesn't come close to SALCC and all them shat, well the tapes were sent to Cuba, now seeing the tapes and understanding them, here's the question ''if my country ain't good enough to produce professionals for St. Lucia why offer them scholarships'' that's the real reason for putting a stop to the scholarships nursing students you all have no take, don't feel guilty, on this one, if there are people to be blamed then its the people who runs the so call Helen of the west indies.....


  7. its time we st ; Lucian stand up and fight.. stop allowing them so called educated people to fool your heads go out find info for your selves.


  8. whether the polls were done wrong anybody can see the point made in this article are real and too the point .kenny has done nothing but make life hard for st lucians.


  9. Go LMP,if one is true to self they will realize that the sentiments on the ground around the island is in keeping with your poll results. Bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. I applaud the LPM for carrying out that poll,they did what the SLP and UWP should have done instead of hiring consultants and carrying out fraudulant investigations. And look how the SLP supporters behaving the try and manipulate an ONLINE survey.... Just goes to show


  11. if something is wrong with the politicians then something must be wrong with us cause we make them, we elect them, all the crap they dish, we accept them, so it's a little insain when we start complaining, when the bullets start raining (TS)..........we are the creators of our own demons. And for the persons who have a problem with the poll remember than if you stand for nothing then you fall for anything, it may be greed of power or sincere concern for this fair helen of ours but at least they took a stand, lets start seeing the good in what people do and stop the pissing competitions.


  12. i think it's time we all lucians open up our minds and stop being tunnel visioned .It's time we look for people who will bring that country up and not use it for their selfishness .I also think there should be more Political parties involved because all I see is corruption from the well known parties St Lucia need better days and not from SLP nor UWP but from someone who is willing to take ST LUCIA from that mess and make a difference not to better themselves but all ST LUCIANS as far as i see it St Lucia is worse than the poor countries around the world that's how low SHE have gotten .I think another survey should be carried out live by all media houses in the country to see what the out come will be and LUCIANS need to stop being afraid and look for their best interest stop making politicians fool them for nothing we are all well educated intelligent people


  13. I am not a supporter of the yellow or red shirts. I believe they are tamer versions of the Bloods and Crips. I am not sure about the screaming headline when the poll is unscientific. It (poll) is worth nada, zilch, zero! Let's try harder to place emphasis on real issues of the day...including a scientific poll. By the way, this website does a terrific job in bringing news. I am a little bit surprised at this sensationalism.


  14. Sa shou! Woyeeeeeeeeeee!
    Never mind the nay sayers LPM. You all are doing what a lot of parties have never done. You all our touching on issues and going in places unheard of. Bravo!!


  15. The points may be valid but the poll was not fair :)...Ideally it should be on a 5 point scale, say:
    1 Very poor
    2 Poor
    3 Average
    4 Good
    5 Very good

    Otherwise one is guilty of "Using statistics like a drunkard uses a lamp-post. Not for enlightenment but merely for support"- George Odlum.


  16. Even though you LPM come with all your poll or foolish statements you can never be prime minister in this country. There are two main political parties. It is the St. Lucia Labour Party and the United Workers Party. You want a taste of POWER but you will never seat in the PM's chair, so take your poll elsewhere. You are hungry for power hence your reason for leaving the UWP fold. Reel and come again.


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