ONGOING FEUD: Fights, death threats and double shooting shatters joy of Maynard Hill family

ONGOING FEUD: Fights, death threats and double shooting shatters joy of Maynard Hill family
An old photo of shooting victim Kevin Constatine.
An old photo of shooting victim Kevin Constatine, who was a Form 4 student of the George Charles Secondary School.

It was about 8:45 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 10 when Hyacinth Augustin, an employee of Sandals Grande in Gros Islet, received a call at work from her boyfriend.

It was bad news.

Her 16-year-old son, and third of four children, Kevin Constantine aka Duck, was shot to death in front of their residence in Maynard Hill, Castries.

Kevin’s best friend, 16-year-old Kyle Samuel, has been admitted at Victoria Hospital.

Unofficial reports are that Kevin was shot in the head and died on the spot, while his friend received a wound to the eye.

Both are students of George Charles Secondary School.

Last moments

Hours earlier on Saturday, it was merriment between mother and son.

While Augustin prepared for work, her son was on the computer watching a Youtube video of Jamaican dancehall artiste Ninja Man. He wanted his mother to see the action.

“We were talking about the show… He tell me ‘come and see how they beat up Ninja Man on the stage’,” a teary-eyed Augustin told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) as she recalled the final moments with her son.

She said her son played football at George Charles Secondary School and had recently bought chin guards.

Augustin said she left home for work shortly after midday.

“I tell him bye, bye, I will see them when I come from work,” she said.

But that was the last time she would see Kevin – alive.

The deceased’s grandmother, 67-year-old Grace Augustin, also shared her final moments with Kevin.

She said on Saturday afternoon she gave her grandson a cheese stick, and while he ate, they shared jokes.

“I say ‘Kevin you not going Martinique for Christmas?’ He tell me he don’t know yet. I tell him ‘that’s where your father killing the big pigs so you must go there’ and he started laughing,” Grace said.

The shooting

The grandmother said Kevin went to sleep after their conversation, but he was awaken by his best friend who wanted to chill on the street corner.

“A friend (the other shooting victim) came by and call him, that’s why he go by the road,” said Grace.

“They sit down by the road and I heard the shots,” she added.

Kevin’s uncle interjected: “It was plenty shots… I heard about six shots… I thought it was the electric pole that catch fire.”

After the shooting subsided, several young men from Kevin’s yard (which has several houses) went to investigate. The tragic news was relayed to Kevin’s grandmother: her grandson was killed.

She ran onto the dark road on Maynard Hill. She saw her grandson’s body sprawled in bushes by the road side. She recalled that she could not see his wound/s because it was dark.

She shook his feet and called his name several times but got no response, then she started to scream.

“It’s hard, it’s hard,” she moaned, hands on her forehead. “I never thought today I would see Kevin die…”

“Kevin don’t trouble nobody,” she said. “He only smoke his lil marijuana.”

“He never got in no fight with nobody.” But as she said this, a very young relative interrupted, and said: “Of course he was in fights… He burst a boy mouth…”


Kevin’s mother, Hyacinth, also told SNO that her son was not a troublemaker and she always warned him to avoid bad company. She said his routine was from school to home, chilling with friends in the yard, drinking and ‘kixing’ (sharing jokes).

However, when quizzed about her son’s involvement in a fight, she admitted that Kevin was the subject of an ongoing feud between another youth and his brother, and that her son has received death threats which were reported to the police.

She told SNO that the feud between men from Maynard Hill and surrounding communities have been going on for years. She further disclosed that last year Kevin was attacked when she sent him to buy phone credit a few blocks from their house, up the hill.

At the time Kevin was accompanied by another friend.

“They pull a knife on him (Kevin) and his friend ran back home to tell me. The boys (Kevin’s friends) went up the road and warned them to leave Kevin alone… then everything calmed down for a while,” she said.

An alleged altercation between her son and another young boy several months ago reignited the feud.

“Everywhere they see Kevin they trouble him… They always say they gonna kill him,” she said.

SNO understands that Kevin and his friends have been accused of causing trouble, and that several messages were relayed to Kevin to desist. SNO also understands that on one occasion, a man went to Kevin’s home. Kevin was not at home and so the man left a “message” with a relative of Kevin. No one disclosed the content of the verbal message when SNO inquired.

Kevin’s Facebook also paints a picture of a young man dabbling with fun and gangster vibe. His photo album shows pictures of marijuana and him posing with other young men at the local cinema.

A friend’s comment on a photo of Kevin on Facebook states: “Lol want to be innocent”.

Kevin response states: “I eh want to be innocent, I no I innocent.”

Police intervention lacking

Kevin’s distraught mother said if the police had intervened effectively, her son would still be alive. She said after someone pulled a knife at her son, she reported the matter to the police but she alleged that the lawmen did not show up the same day. She claimed she visited the CID the following day and made a formal report, some investigation was carried out, but to her knowledge no one got arrested.

“They never ever tried to put a stop to the problem,” she pointed out.

Friends of Kevin told SNO a similar story. They claimed they were victims of shootings and stabbings, attacks that were carried out by men from nearby communities.

One member of the group told SNO the police will show up to investigate alleged attacks from their group but whenever they are attacked, and the matter is reported, the cops do not show up.

Another told SNO that he is a victim of attacks, showing a hand missing a finger. He said he lost his finger in a shooting, and he also lost his brother, cousins and other friends to violence.

“You see now there? An eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth,” said another friend of Kevin’s.

“I telling you bold face, enough is enough,” he added.

The men told SNO that the police know who the instigators are but are not doing their job, and are instead targeting men from Maynard Hill, which is branded a volatile ghetto – a label which the men reject.

“Anyone can come here, as you can see we are cool people. We no ghetto,” he said.

The men say at least four of their friends have been killed over a period of time and they have never retaliated, but now is the time to fight back as an innocent young man described as “helpful” is the latest victim of an ongoing feud.

And if the police is unable to do the job, they vow vigilante justice.

“We is the law now,” said another. “A man must fall, watch the vibe. That’s the wrong man they kill gasa. They tell us to chill, smoke and forget it but it ain’t going so.”

Kevin’s grandmother, Grace, said she has been living in the community for 61 years and have seen many violent deaths. She is also troubled by the rising homicide rate in St. Lucia.

She said government should place street lights on the road where Kevin got killed. Darkness allows gunmen to carry out their crime and escape with ease, she said.

“People killing too many people. For the year you hearing 30, 40 people die and nothing come out of it,” she noted, while calling on the police to do more to stop the violence.


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  1. 2 agree or 2 disagree !! So what he smoked weed ?! Does dhat mk him a bad person ! Many of us parents raise our children right but when they take the wrong way nd follow friends what r we expected 2 do ? Shun them break relations with them ? Its great 2 c nd hear that his mother nd grandmother were aware of his actions ! Some persons hv children wanted by the law nd they still don't know it ! Chupes ! I sympathize wit his family ! We nd the government nd need 2 work more closely wit the youth of 2day ! There are hardly any avenues 4 them ! We need more lighting in areas prone 2 violence ! Nobody is perfect ! Every1 makes mistakes ! Its jus sad the way lives are lost sumtyms


    • not everyone makes mistakes. you live and learn. you don't learn, you pay the piper. enough excuses, the Govt have to do this, the Govt have to do that. parents should raise their own children, not the Gov't or Police responsibility to raise your kids the RIGHT way for you.


  2. You all blaming the police for this incident but as far as I see his mother and grandmother are to blame to. Why have a 16 year old that smokes and drinks and it is ok by them if he does that as far as I see how you live is so you die.


  3. It is sad that this young man had to lose his life in that manner. I sympathise with the family but I still consider them to be hypocrites. The first level of protection should have been from the family. It is quite evident that they failed him. Where was he getting the money to purchase the weed. No one has even enquire whether he was a seller who did not deliver to his boss. While he was good boy at home he was engaged in other activities that place him in the line of fire. sad, sad,....


  4. Some of you complain about the lawmen not doing their job, and that smoking marijuana and drinking is not a big thing at that age. But when the lawmen do their jobs and arrest those young boys for doing what they're doing, they should not have done that. You see...the lawmen have no assistance from the public. I'm not saying that he deserved to die, nor am I saying that the parents should be blamed. But if parents took an interest in their child's lives and their well being, and the lawmen got some assistance from the public, i think that lives would not be lost so suddenly, especially young lives.


    • CORRECT. In another story, there was some idiot saying there are no informa's in the North. Well, if no informa's in the North, then crime will remain unsolved.


  5. Smh...Majority of ppl really need to step out of that bubble they live in.Smoking marijuana doesn't make you a bad person,I suspect the young boy was a cool individual just being a teenager & got caught up in a bad situation.Sad to say it has ended in death.


  6. I really don't understand some of these comments why are some people so judgmental... some of you'll saying that he has no ambition and the parents are to be blamed and he shouldn't be smoking weed..... please grow up 2 modern times...smoking weed doesn't make you a bad boy, getting shot doesn't mean you looked for it.... this is a young boy who lost his life either way its not right he didn't deserve it.... no one deserves it.... i hate people to seat there and pretend that they where not young at a point in their life.... they didn't get in fights or in trouble... shacking my head....i feel for his family and friends... and he was truly a nice person and nice people or people in big position with all their ambition do get in trouble once in a while...R.I.P. kevin


  7. For a 16 year old he is already involved in to muchh...Some of us parents needs to look closely at what's goin on with our hildren..There is alot of potential in them..


    • I do agree. As a 16 yr old he was definitely in too much. He should not be 'chilling on the block'. He should be at home in his school books, helping with chores at home, doing something productive. And smoking? Nobody should be smoking let alone at that age. We as parents need to put our foot down and instill the love of God in our children so they know what is right, wrong, acceptable or not. Not because everyone does it means it is right. We allow our children a bit too much liberty most of the time. We all have skeletons in our closets but it is up to us the older generation to nurture the younger ones. God did give us the right to rebuke which is not the same as judging. Let us make a change for the sake of our youth. Let us instill biblical principles of humility, love for our neighbors and forgiveness, in our children at a very early age. My condolences to the young man's family and may he rest in peace!


  8. I can't believe the comments that i'm reading here. All of a sudden we have a bunch of saints here who have never sinned in their life. Judging a young man who just lost his life because he smoked pot and lived in a troubled community. How many of you'll would be willingto pay to relocate the rest of the youth in that community and just because he smoked pot does that make him a bad person? should his parents stop loving him because of one flaw? You sound like a bunch of heartless criminals! Instaed of addressing the fact that the government is not showing enough interest in the youth, you guys are there judging the young man. I bet some of you have more skeletons in you'll closets. Tell the police to do their work and ask the government to invest in the youth because they are the future! The rich communities breed and harbor more criminals and I don't hear you'll condemning them. May God give his family strength in their time of bereavement. To the saints on here I hope you'll living in a safe haven! "The world judges by the decisions you make, never do they see the options you had to choose from!


    • When I was growing up in St. Lucia, the Gov't didn't show interest. We had the Scouts, which hardly any boys want to join willingly now. When my sister and I did wrong, my mother didn't blame anyone, but us because we knew right from wrong. So stop blaming everyone, everything, except where the blame lies, at the feet of HIS PARENTS.


    • Louise,
      this has nothing to do with the rich community and Gov't investing in the youth. When someone from a rich community commits a crime, who are you then going to blame that? It has to do with how you raise your child/children. We had less growing up, less wayward children, less violence, less blame on other ppl, less blame organizations, less blame on Gov't, etc, etc. Seems the 'in" thing to do now is blame everyone, but the actual person/people responsible.


  9. its funny how you always hear time and time again, (he was such a good boy) but the real question is he was a good boy but to who ? surely he must not have been good that night or he wudnt have been receiving death threats on multiple occasions. The police are sometimes to blame but in this scenario the parents ought to have played the major role but they didnt. "He smoked his lil marijuana" this statement left me flabbergasted as to how causal it seemed to his grandmother, who is the eldest in the home and should have been the best role model for her grandson. Like they say everything that happens in the dark must come out in the light someday.....


  10. doing a lil marijuana ,drinking a lil seems to be ok in the eyes of his parents even at the age of 16 well in the real world its wrong. and did url no where he got the money for the rum from or even the marijuana he smoked,so was he sometimes high at school rubbed school mates as a result,and why were so many ppl at this young 'good child of urs?' hmmm but yet still he was a good boy. its sad that he is dead but stop with the he was a good boy,kids tend to act differently away from their parents.what was this young school kid doing chilling in the dark?i know the drug vendors use dark spots as hide out for if the police men were passing in the area..its quite obvious to the nation that he was a trouble maker url should have ensured that he took the path of a good and i mean a real good boy at all times.studying and forcus on his skool not lil marijuana..the threats showed he was a no good child and accept my charles secondary has 1 less delinquent child to deal with


    • Who are you to be judgingthis young man? Did you lose any money to be questioning where he got money from? Did you hear any of his class mates report that he robbed them? You are so insensitive to say that the mother should not refer to her son as a good boy! I don't even think you're a human being to be posting this crap! Do you even have family? Who knows how many skeletons you have in your closet but there you are sitting on your high chair celebrating the death of a 16 year old boy who has never wronged you. shame on you. I hope when tragedy knocks on your door you remember your words! Mr or Mrs Soo Good.


    • You said he "rubbed" the kids at school, that a little bit weird if you ask me. Im sure the appropriated word you you're looking for is robbed.


  11. I completely agree with Peter. People depend on the government and the law to try making things better for them rather than standing up and making a change for themselves. If the kid was a good kid, why was he raised in such a community? And the fact that he even smoked marijuana is such a casual affair was accepted, then I don't know... How can law enforcers do their job without the help of the public?


    • Why was he raised in such a community? His grandmother lived there for 61 years, there are many houses in one yard and you do not sense that finances may play a part in the family not relocating. Crime is everywhere, people get stabbed in Cap Estate, London, Graveyard everywhere!


    • omar please.. I guess you choose your place of residence now... because crime is happening there the family should just up and leave.....(how many time would ther have to move since crime is world wide?) after 61 years.. boy shut your mouth....


    • Omar....What is so wrong with the Maynard Hill community? What does that have to do with the killing of a sixteen year old kid? Your statement just drips with stupidity and a whiney victim syndrome,next.Sack way in nowa.


    • Not everyone has a choice in where they are raised but we have a choice in how we raise our children. Depending on the government is a no no as the responsibility is ours not the governments. He should not be smoking period! Neither should he be chilling on the block. He should be home drafting out a CV for when he was done with school and ready to go out into the working world.