ONE YEAR IN OFFICE (See Performance Poll in story)

ONE YEAR IN OFFICE (See Performance Poll in story)
The Saint Lucia Labour Party team.
The Saint Lucia Labour Party team.

Today, Wednesday, Nov. 28, 2012 marks the first year in office for the Saint Lucia Labour (SLP) Government.

SLP chief Dr. Kenny Anthony was sworn in as prime minister on Nov. 30, 2011 after his party captured 11 of the 17 seats in the general elections. The party campaigned successfully on the slogan “better days” under his regime.

This morning, the government’s press secretary published a list of achievements (see below) by the government on social networking site, Facebook, which was accompanied by the message: “One year into office. It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it! Better days!!”

St. Lucia News Online invites our readers to vote in the poll (provided below) to rate the SLP’s performance after one year leading the government and people of Saint Lucia.

Which party will you vote for in the next general elections in Saint Lucia?

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1. Tax Amnesty, where all penalties and interest will be waived on outstanding tax owed to government by both businesses and citizens. Ongoing till February 2013.

2. Commenced work on the Barre Des Isles. In one area the free flow of two way traffic has been completely restored.

3. Repurchase of Black Bay Lands lost by the UWP Government.

4. Re-introduction of STEP.

5. Year round STEP in Anse La Raye/Canaries

6. $500 Bursary Voucher for all successful Common Entrance Students


8. Programme to train and employ single mothers-SMILE

9. Stabilize the leadership of the RSLPF, with the confirmation of Vernon Francois and other senior members

10. Labour Code

11. Construction Stimulus Package

12. VAT

13. Barrel concessions for Christmas

14. Immediate response to BLACK SIGATOKA

15. St.Jude’s Amnesty Programme, where people owing medical bills were given discounts to settle

16. Wasco Amnesty, waiver of reconnection fees for persons wishing to regularize illegal connections.

17. Engagement of the business sector to address ease of doing business-Established a committee

18. Extension of business hours for Government from 2:00pm to 3:00pm

19. Subsidy to Minibus Drivers to avoid increases in bus fare

20. Adjustment to the pass through mechanism to allow for three month period for changes in fuel prices.

21. Rehabilitation of the Morne Lay-By

22. Renovation of Ti Rocher Micoud Health Centre

23. Island wide Rodent Eradication Programme

24. Re-Introduction of school sports Programme

25. Suspension of Common External Tariff for four years on pharmaceuticals to avoid having to pay VAT on top of the 10% import duty which existed on medicine.

26. Marchand Grounds redevelopment project

27. Piton Management Area kept off the World Heritage Sites in Danger List!

28. Appointment of National Heroes Commission

29. Construction of Dubonerre Bridge

30. Island-wide de-silting

31. Vieux-Fort sidewalk project

32. Slope stabilization around the island. Eg. Bocage, Morne Vent, Mahaut

33. Rehabilitation of Philip Marcellin Grounds in Vieux-Fort

35. Subsidy on chicken feed ($5.00 per bag)

36. More FADS for fishermen

34. School plant rehabilitation in August

35. Road Rehabilitation around the island. Eg. Aubriere in Vieux-Fort, Bridge Street in Castries.

36. Drainage Projects in all 17 Constituencies

37. Increase in the Income Tax Threshold to $18, 000

38. Design and contract finalized for Vieux-Fort Square

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  1. I hope I'm not the only one that notices that Vieux Fort is mentioned several times! Michael Chastanet was right!!


  2. I think that the government got the JOBS thing wrong you know. STEP and all these new appointments only makes the civil service larger. For years this have been a major problem within Caribbean Countries. We need to see a greater effort to create private sector jobs. Of the JOBS which the government has created the questions is how many of those are Private Sector jobs?... This is how we truly measure a government's ability to create jobs, not by increasing the public service....


  3. Thats better that what UWP did in five years. Better days is not for the goverment or the Taiwanese to just give us money in our hand, it is to develop the country so all St. Lucians can benefit.


  4. Here I am trying to win the P O W E R (BALL) it's worth $550 million dollars to buy back St.Lucia Lord help us all.


  5. Working in the Hospitality industry and suddenly finding yourself out of work at the age of 48 is no party. Government does not employ anyone over 45 years of age. When you go job hunting, most companies say you are too old. What a life! Applied for NICE program over 6 months ago. To date....NOTHING!


  6. SLP and UWP are no different- Same foolish thing just a different day. UWP talking about bitter day...but check that..St Lucia have been in a free fall for years.

    Ishay api labour et flambeau.


  7. vat gives the SLP its $100m which it was campaiging on. It is coming from our pockets into their pockets. They go on trips buy more fancy cars and do extension on their houses.


  8. What a Joke. when a town's square is put before a library and a human ressource center u call that an achievement?.


  9. smh @ dem people better days day r coming!! Yh rite its bitter an painful days chupz tan hmmm wat we get i guess we have 2 hold!!!


  10. I'm happy to know they're working as a team and actually getting things done. In order for better days to come we have to allow time. I will not be biased and say they have not done work so far because it is evident that they have. I got tired of hearing the other government fight with each other and focus on NOISE instead of making changes or investing in our future. Who don't like my positive statement go BOOT the wall and shake your brain.


  11. we st lucian should really demonstrate on the way this country is being governed and these money spender that is in charge of our country.


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