One-man protest staged over delayed payment of insurance

One-man protest staged over delayed payment of insurance

A senior citizen, who claims that he has not received payments due to him over the past three months from his insurance company, held a one-man protest in Castries today.

John Greenwood, 73, had a placard on his body, with strings attached to his neck, with the words: “I am sick and tired of your blatant disrespect…”

Greenwood, who has a health insurance policy with West Indies General Insurance Company Limited for over six years, claims that the company owes him $30,000 in insurance cash.

The elderly man was involved in a serious accident in February 2009 in which he broke both of his legs, sustained a dislocated shoulder and head injuries.

He said the case was dragged out for six years and everyone came to a settlement in mediation and everybody signed accordingly. Payments commenced in October 2014.

However, Greenwood said not long after that, the company started to “make short payments, late payments and sometimes no payments”.

He said he contacted his attorney for advice. The attorney then called the insurance company on May 5, and the company promised to settle the outstanding payments by May 8.

“No payment has since been made. I went to the office this morning and I wanted to discuss the problem and the lady told me because I have an attorney she wouldn’t talk to me,” he explained.

Greenwood said he was disappointed with the response and decided to hold a protest in the street to highlight what was going on and to get some justice.

Having heard about the protest, the company contacted his attorney and has since offered to start part payments, but the senior citizen said he will not settle for that.

He argued, “This is what insurance companies does with everybody. They push you around, mess you up and they don’t want to pay you. It dragged on for six and a half years, and they thought I would have died, but like I told them, Jesus came on earth to die, I came here to live.”

Greenwood continued, “If an insurance company cannot pay its claims, it should cash in its bonds and go out of business. You cannot be insuring people and don’t have money to pay the claims, when they get hurt. It just doesn’t work that way.”

No one was available to comment from the West Indies General Insurance Company Limited.


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  1. West Indies General insurance company, Thanks for the warning, I will steer clear. If others do the same and also leave them; Companies will realise that us giving them our money is not compulsory but voluntarily. When they go out of business and can't provide for their family, let them ask their victims some advice on how to survive on next to no money. So get ready and show them some compassion. they are Gods children too right !? OH!! I said ADVICE not money, they had that already!.





  3. unless St lucians come together in unity they will eat shit from those companies and the law's need to be change


  4. anybody who have a life insurance in St.Lucia with a private company is a dreamer.Either they don't pay or got bankrupt.
    Insure yourself with NIS and you have a solid company.


  5. Where is the Insurance Council in all of this? They are being directed by a claudy ass. No Action from them and they do not exercise the legislation. However if you do not pay your insurance, then the whole judiciary is down your throat looking for your blood.
    When this company targets its clients and salesmen to have illegal judgments served upon them and refuses to pay them, is it right? Most lawyers don't want to defend those clients, never touch it, but they will support "SIR", why? Because simply most lawyers have insurance companies so go figure, blatant conflict of interest.
    The small man and clients can never win unless we St. Lucians come together and dismantle the status quo. The MEDIA is the ideal place to expose them and we create our own legislation that they have to follow and not theirs.
    We the St. Lucians should create our own BLACK LIST of insurance companies and not use them at all. Remember they need us not the other way around.
    Mr. John Greenwood you have the backing of every St. Lucian who is paying insurance companies.
    Insurance Companies Beware, we are not coming for you, we are not going to use your services anymore. The same does not go to you to "SIR".
    We need our money, you defaulting insurance companies don't.
    YES SIR your time has come.


  6. Where is the justice system? All the executives living large on the premiums. They should be lined up and.....


  7. Today it's this man but tomorrow could be any one of us. We should therefore come out to support him. We can write to people like government agency, go out to join him on the streets with placards or write on social media like sno. Observe how filthy rich are these insurance people? See how they live. Watch the type of vehicle they drive? Look how lavishly the spend on jabals, children and jabals' children. By comparison see how clients of theirs are forced to live. It's unfair, even wicked what they do to people!


  8. These insurance companies are always so quick to take our money yet when we actually need to use their services at an unfortunate time in our lives they love to turn their backs on us. It's always easy to keep taking our money month after month without giving us anything back if we do not have an accident, do not fall sick, etc.... Yet, when it is their time to do what they receive our money to do they cannot perform. PATHETIC!!!


  9. that's how we need to operate in st.Lucia.. take everything to the media and protest.. these people taking us for a stop placards by kenny's office.


    • With that kind of surname, my guess is that he's not a Lucian. He has a lot of guts to stage this one man protest. Lucians are cowards...most of them!!! JustTtalk, Talk, Talk...that's why we have so many Talk Shows.


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