UPDATED: One injured in Marchand Easter Monday shooting — 5th victim since last Thursday

UPDATED: One injured in Marchand Easter Monday shooting — 5th victim since last Thursday

(SNO) — Violence continues to grip the Castries inner-city community of Marchand. In the latest incident, a man was shot and injured on Monday night (April 22).

Marchand police received a report, about 11:30 p.m., of a 33-year-old male seen on the Marchand main road with an apparent gunshot wound to the abdominal area.

The lawmen transported the victim to hospital where he was admitted in stable condition.

No one has been arrested in connection with this shooting. And no additional details about the incident were immediately available.

This was the second shooting in the Marchand area during the Easter weekend, and the fourth incident over the past week.

At least five people have been shot — including one fatally — in the community since Thursday.

Several Marchand residents have claimed in interviews with our newsroom that there have been a number of shootings since a well-known resident was gunned down last week, and they fear the violence will continue.

That resident is Chad Ramsay, 33, of Rockhall, who was fatally shot while walking on Broglie Street, Castries around midday last Thursday.

It was reported that he was with a male relative when the attack occurred, but the relative reportedly escaped unharmed.

Ramsay died on the spot after sustaining apparent gunshot wound/s to his face/head.

A video of Ramsay lying face-down on the sidewalk in a pool of blood has been circulating on Facebook.

Later that Thursday, another man was shot in Marchand.

Michael Deterville, a resident of Rockhall, Castries, was shot in the evening, in Trou Rouge, Marchand, and was transported to hospital in stable condition. No additional details are available on this incident.

Another shooting occurred, two days later in Trou Rouge, Marchand.On Saturday evening, April 20,  the Marchand Police Station received a report of the shooting just before 11:00.

The female victim was identified as Maria Willie, 56, a resident of Trou Rouge, who sustained a gunshot wound in the right knee area, officials said.

Her status was stable at the time she was being transported to Victoria Hospital, officials said.

The other victim is 47-year-old Donovan Williams, a resident of Maynard Hill, Castries, who sustained a gunshot wound to his right heel and was in stable condition at the time of transportation to Victoria Hospital, according to officials.

Both victims were transported by the same ambulance, officials noted.

The shooting reportedly occurred at a karaoke event in Marchand.

A source said gunmen opened fire at a male individual, hitting Williams and Willie in the process. It is not clear if Williams was the target.

The following day, on Easter Sunday, our newsroom received reports of gunshots being fired throughout the day, but there were no reported injuries.

“My sister said she ran inside,” a source said. “She said all through the day there was gunshots.”


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  1. I am a young St.lucian man, and like most young men in my day. We ran the streets after school, smoking and having fun. But we were never killing or stealing or doing thing to hurt people. It's so sad now that am a little older that alot of the people I grew up with from secondary school and surrounding areas in Castries are getting killed.

    One person in particular that I knew personally, I just found out yesterday that HARDY JOHN from Marchand had died and it really hurt me. because my recollection of this individual, was a loving humble soul, always, always positive... I found out yesterday that Hardy John was shot and killed I saw photos on the internet and I feel so sad and can't get it out of my head.

    But I will say one thing to some of you...May be it's time to get out, know when it's time to get out...If you are a man that have no criminal history and you know you a good humble individual living in ghetto communities like Marchand and else where GET YOUR PASSPORT... You might not have no where planning to go, just get it...

    By getting it you open up more opportunity for your self, you have more options now. If you have a family try to get them a passport as well. You don't need to go to America or Canada. But you can get a job sailing on a ship or moving to a next island...We have to stay away from bad company and the environment that brings us down.

    So bothers stay safe out there and remember we need to progress out of the ghetto and make a better life for our family and children, we can't wait for politicians to do it for us. GOD HELP THOSE WHO HELP THEM SELVES...

    -> have a plan,
    -> get your passport
    -> elevate out of the ghetto



  2. They fear it will continue but refuse to give information to the police eh...it's like "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil"


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