One individual remains in custody for Saadia Byron homicide, other released

One individual remains in custody for Saadia Byron homicide, other released

A complex investigation.

That’s how Inspector Marcellinus Leonce of the Vieux-Fort Police Station has described their investigations into the murder of Saadia Byron whose body was found last Saturday in a shallow grave covered with stones.

“There’s a lot of hard work to be done. The investigation is complex in nature…”, Leonce told this reporter in a interview.

The body of Bryon, 32, of Black Bay, Laborie, was found by her relatives about 30 metres from her home where she lived with her three children, mother, and other family members.

One of the two men who was in police custody assisting them with their investigations into the case was released on Tuesday. The man remained in custody is a resident of Augier who is well known to the deceased’s family.

However, the inspector could not say when or if he will be charged, but wants to assure the public that the police will do everything within their powers to bring the perpetrator, whosoever it is, to justice.

According to Leonce, they are satisfied with the assistance they have received from the public so far in their investigations.

“People have come forward willing to assist us with our investigations…” he said, adding that people appear to be very annoyed by what has happened to Byron.

“I personally need to applaud the public for their effort in assisting us in our investigations…” he said.

Leonce said whatever information the public furnishes them as it relates to the incident will remain confidential.

“We want the public to continue to assist us…We can’t do it alone,” the Inspector said.

In the meantime Laborians are still reeling from the effect of the tragedy which has left the entire community in shock and disbelief. They want to see justice prevail in the matter sooner, rather than later.


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  1. The buuwo needed the same to happen to him. To be found with a condom, human faeces, a stone and his boxers by his side, brutalized and with signs of physical trauma, but I am happy that he was at least caught and in custody, I am just hoping that the charges stick and that legal justice is served.


  2. We know in this country a rapist has no name or identity but the guy who is caught with a stick of ganja has his face plastered on every site online. Speak volumes about this country.


    • That's real talk because if criminals are given anonymity, it's easy for these cases to be swept under the rug. This country will forever remain backward.

      An accused rapist identity should only be protected if he is not charged with the crime. From charges are brought it's the public right to know, AM SORRY !!

      You all concern about protecting the identity of rapist because you all scared they get shunned by society, ha they deserve to get shunned or lock them up !!

      It's a stupid law that need to be amended. Backward thinking full circle !!


  3. That's messed up I hope they find the SOB who did this to the young lady so terrible, and when they do send for mama in Jamaica with the cutlass make sure it sharpen on both sides and let her have her way him, if she draw blood when she beating his ass TOO BAD DAM IT.


    • New Testament Verse of the Day:

      "If you cling to your life, you will lose it, and if you let your life go, you will save it."
      – Luke 17: 33


  4. Before we too hasty remember a little girl called Verlinda Joseph also from south. Fifteen years after her brutal murder the memory of her is still denied justice. Her case was deemed by the police as a treasure trove of forensic evidence.


    • Her step father was the perpetrator. In verlinda's case there was alot of witchcraft involved but God does not sleep. Vengeance belongs to the most night.


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