Gros Islet man died from stab wound to the heart

Gros Islet man died from stab wound to the heart

A 16-year-old female is currently in police custody being questioned in connection with the fatal stabbing of a 26-year-old Gros Islet man on Thursday morning around 9 a.m.

The deceased has been identified as Marjele Williams, also known as Marley and Moon Head.

A post-mortem examination conducted later Thursday revealed that Williams died from a stab wound to the heart.

It is alleged that Williams and the 16-year-old female had a prior altercation before he was attacked and stabbed in the chest area. The incident occurred on Marina Street in Gros Islet.

“The suspect walked up to him and stabbed him with a knife which the suspect twisted,” a law enforcement source told St. Lucia News Online.

“Apparently the suspect and the guy had issues before,” the source added.

The teen is currently assisting police with their investigations. And reports are that the suspect is ‘well-known’ to the deceased.




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  1. A few years ago I saw this child Nadge kicking and beating up a girl on a video
    I commented and told her "your turn will come"
    Today you kill this boy with a knife twisting it in his chest. I'm sorry nadage I dont feel sorry for you. The way you were living your life something had to happen to calm you down.
    Now your family will cry for you they all saw this was coming. This is a time you had to be in school and not playing gangster girl


  2. Once Chastanet, the slave master's name is mentioned all the slaves are offended. They must defend, feel so sorry the slaves.


  3. People, there are other ways. Sadly, I am not optimistic. We have many children who know what to do, but are being guided to choose otherwise. It is no longer an eye for an eye but an eye for a life.

    I am trying from my end. There is polite listening.




  5. @Martin Sampson....... Your stupidity is immeasurable and immense. As my good friend John would say: Idiots surrounded by idiots are very dangerous suits you dummy.


  6. I don't understand. This crime happened broad day light and don't tell me no one saw it mean no one knocked the girl out..I don't expect anyone to physically go and separate them..but knock her out..let me guess, as usual people were probably too busy taking pics and video to upload on YouTube as apposed to help save a life.. if that were you, I am sure you would want the same courtesy.

    On the other page. Enough with the crapsoid..for the hundredth times..CRIMINALS DONOT AND I REPEAT DONOT ASSIST POLICE WITH INVESTIGATION..THEY JUST DONT. THERE ARE OTHER WORDS IN YOUR VOCAB That can be used. Phrases like "we have one person in for questioning relating to the incident" Use smart words

    Another thing..the girl who stabbed the man is known. She killed him..its not rocket science..why didn't they give her name..NO WONDER CRIME IS ON THE RISE. BECAUSE SOCIETY KEEP PROTECTING THE CRIMINALS RATHER THAN THE VICTIMS. SAD...SOO SAD


    • Because it was well executed she waited till the street was clear for her to do her cold blooded murder.She watched his ever move walked on him stabbed him to the point she twisted the knife in his heart.Nadege you will not see daylight ever again for killing my cousin.You didn’t deserve to die like that Marley


    • What was there to separate? Did u see anyone involved in an fight? NO. Have u seen pics or videos of the incident? Cause I haven't. Read carefully. All was said is that the guy was stabbed by a female. Don't add subtract or assume.


    • How you know what happen, what you plaiming the girl jackass, it seems you were the witness


    • Wow...u blaming music stations now for murder....they still kill on a Sunday while the western and gospel songs play so what's your point exactly..?


        • True it doesn't honor killing but yet we still don't follow da good in point is someone got murdered and instead we deal with da situation we tryna create a scapegoat I mean yall tryna blame music for all these crap...such lame excuses y don't we start by blaming da parents,those we surround ourselves or kids wit,even blaming ourselves to smh I'm lost tryna figure out what these killings have to do with the current music


  7. What did the PM say again? Kenny could not make us safe, but he could, now he doing it. Well done Chastanet. Let the 43% defend you. The slaves must defend their white Master.


    • Your level of ignorance baffles me
      What does any PM have to do with two young people quarrelling and fighting

      Take your useless mind and elevate it


      • U are more ignorant he or she only made reference of what was said by ur pm , what's wrong with that. During campaign it was ok to say y not now.


        • But everything is about a campaign isn't it? A campaign and party propaganda is insignificant and irreverent as people try to find solutions to real problems. Any idiot knows that crime and especially murder are driven by several dynamic factors, many which are out of the hands of any government especially in the Caribbeanl. We do not have total control of our, economy, security or even our environment. They all dependent on others and more powerful nations who we share the world with.

          If you want to make a political statement there are avenues where it would be relevant especially at election time. However, we do appreciate the actions of right thinking St. Lucians who know in what forums to make particular statements. Pointing a finger at Kenny, Chastanet or Sir John cannot help our crime situation but our own actions in our communities is what is required if we want to see a noticeable reduction in crime because; those who are silent witnesses or those who know in advance of crime are the major perpetuators of the status quo. This is the message that @James Henville was trying to convey. He was just trying to say that smart people know when to talk about politics and when we are seriously trying to address a problem.


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