FATAL ACCIDENT: Survivors thankful to be alive, claim not to remember much

FATAL ACCIDENT: Survivors thankful to be alive, claim not to remember much
Jason Wilfred survived the accident. His brother Devon Timothy was the driver of the crashed vehicle which killed their cousin Nehemiah Danial aka 'Nash David'.
Jason Wilfred survived the accident. His brother Devon Timothy was the driver of the crashed vehicle which killed their cousin Nehemiah Danial aka ‘Nash David’.

The four survivors of Sunday’s fatal accident on the Bexon Highway, including the driver, have claimed that they could not recall what occurred but they’re all thankful to be alive.

Nehemiah Daniel also known as ‘Nash David’, 24, of La Croix Maingot, Castries, died before reaching the hospital.

The survivors, who are all from La Croix, Maingot, sustained minor injuries and are all at home recuperating.

In an exclusive interview with St. Lucia News Online (SNO) this morning, driver of the vehicle, 23-year-old Devon Timothy, said he cannot recount what happened except that the car slammed into “something” and people started rushing to their assistance.

Timothy’s brother, 17-year-old Jason Wilfred, who sustained a fractured hand and a laceration to the head, said he could only remember when he got injured and was taken to hospital.

The teenager said he was accompanying his brother Timothy, his cousin ‘Nash’ (the deceased), another cousin Danella Thomas and a friend, Denver aka “Mouse,” for a drive to the city when the accident occurred about 2:30 am.

Wilfred expressed sadness over the death of his cousin ‘Nash’ who was a passenger in the back of the car.

The car reportedly hit a pile of metal then “climbed the pole”, according to sources. Police, meanwhile, in a press release, said “it has been established that a motor car driven by Devon Timothy travelling in the direction of Castries veered off the left side of the road and slammed into a utility pole”.

A source close to the incident said David died holding the roof area of the car.

“He held the roof of the car. (He) never let go. He died with his eyes and mouth open. His neck appeared to have been broken,” the source said.

Meanwhile, Timothy and Wilfred’s mother, Maure Wilfred, said she was shocked when she received a call informing her that her sons, nephew and one of their friends were involved in an accident.

Maure told SNO that they all left early in the evening for a drive and were all heading home around 2: 30 a.m., when the accident occurred

Nehemiah ‘Nash’ Daniel

Maure also expressed sadness over the death of her nephew David (her sister’s son).

“It is sad. We all are one… and we miss him already. He was very close to us,” she said adding that her sons will miss their cousin because they all shared a close relationship.

The Traffic Department has recorded 11 fatalities for 2014 and is appealing to road users to be cautious at all times.

SNO also received reports of two other serious accidents over the weekend.

In Vieux Fort, a  young man was knocked from his bicycle and is currently in critical condition at a hospital. The accident occurred on Saturday on the Vieux Fort-Laborie Highway.

In Bois d’ Orange,  Gros Islet, a car veered off the road and collided with a pole near Oasis Lounge.

No further details are available on these accidents.


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  1. R.I.P. zagga classmate u.gone
    Big hugs to family n close love sad sad.tears fi u rasta skol day was the best Mrs megfog latcher n lots more we gone miss u ever u made us laugh u beat drums rap DJ n lots more... sad ur live was to go this way...


  2. Let us not only zoom in on just the individuals involved. Am sure that if their loss of life is entirely their fault, then by now they have paid the price. However, on a broader scale, we must all be in brainstorming mode in trying to figure out what can WE, voter/taxpayers and the government do to save lives on our roads. Evidently, a quick scan of our roads structure will be a good place to start. So until we disconnect our personal love and attachment to political parties we will forever remain in the dark. As a concerned citizen, we need to have this type of discourse so we can debunk present day issues and together we can save our future generations..


  3. Why arent we hlaming the idiots that drive recklessly on the road the road is not the issue the drivers are, so stop blaming the ... road and put the blame on the jackass drivers that seem to think that the road is a racetrack. I drive there everyday yet ive never had an accident there and there are numerous drivers that havent had accidents there. Those that think its the Indy500 need to chill and drive properly.


  4. I thought we reactive society, but it look like now we complain as it happens and authorities just no long care because once Wednesday hits this would have been forgotten
    But let that someone of society or a minister son or daughter , we won't hear the last if it
    Change would been in acted for with


  5. Can't help but to notice finger pointing in many directions. Road accidents/safety is a serious prob. in this country. (On a macro level) if we exclude our government from this equation we are deceiving ourselves. They must be held accountable by some measure because the problem keeps being repeated, claiming several lives. Policy makers must come up with the best solutions and establish ways to help save the lives of citizens. Have speed-bumps, better lighting/signage..do something. Let us see you are willing to help curb the problem. Then have adequate man power to ENFORCE the laws. Don't just sit there and always blame the drivers. If you say that the driver lack the mental capacity, then implement solutions to address that also. In addition, raise more awareness of road safety, from the airport terminals to schools, wk places etc. Use the influence of our media - you have the power to do so. After all, you promised better days and this is why we elected you. Now we as individuals we have to be equally responsible for our lives, and even that of others. We must be our brother's keepers sometimes, stop selling alcohol at certain times, word of mouth caution..etc. In the end, it is egregious and careless think that the government promised better days as well as second life. Take care my peeps!

    May God give these families strength and support them in their time of sorrow.


  6. Looshans believe because they have a license n a ride they can drive like idiots on the road......if your life eh worth nutting n u want to drive dangerously then what the heck u expect to happen......be responsible stop driving like u all have a death wish or u all want to murder people.
    How comes the other passengers can't remember nutting....bullshit.....stop hiding the driver and say how the jackass was driving.....u all forget Nash is dead.....oh I see.....he man die already so let's save our asses and say nutting.....bitch friends.......live with it in conscience for the rest of your mesirable life....your partners blood is on ur head.


  7. it has nothing to do with the roads or government. After living in the UK for many years, i understand the true meaning of driving and endangering lives. In the UK, the drivers anr not any better. However, there are rules and laws in place to reduce this sort of things, eg. cameras, speed bumps, interceptors, then u have thee law that will jail, confiscate license, or punish the delinquents. st lucia need that sort a thing.


  8. People dtive fast everywhere in St. Lucia. The Millenium highway is so yet there aren't that as the Bexon Rd. The road is the problem. It works on the mind of driverd...simple.


  9. The young boy from Vieux-Fort is In a coma. Very young writing CXC next month, so sad. Heard driver was under the influence of alcohol.


  10. There is a piece of road in Bexon around the Deglos area from the Glassgow bend to the Odsan junction where these drivers seem to just floor it going in both directions. One Christmas season within one week the stretch of road claimed four lives.


  11. There is a piece of road in Bexon around the Deglos area from the Glassgow bend to the Odsan junction where these drivers seem to just floor it going in both directions. One Christmas season within one week the stretch of road claimed four lives.


  12. Oh my goodness another young person has died due to an accident again. The Bexon Highway should have a speed limit posted. Maybe this will discourage drivers from speeding.. Again they must drive with caution. The islands roads have always been horrible with pot holes all over so that should deter drives from flying down those streches of roads.
    We have lost 11 persons fo far for this year lord please have your way on the island.To the families of the decease i pray that the good Lord will keep and strenghner you all. Drivers please drive carfully.
    We are approaching the aniversery of the Easter accident please drive with lits of caution. RIP YOUNG MAN so young oh God help them.


    • "...speed limit posted." Good idea and suggestion, however, who will enforce that law?

      The police - me think not!! Perhaps cameras on every electricity pole snapping away vehicle's plate numbers and their speed limits, and sending that data to a centralized location or traffic dept. (I assume that would be an expensive adventure).


  13. The geovment need to revoked license from drivers who are caught driving reckless, DWI, on drugs and over the speed limit.because most times are the innocent that suffersif ..what causes a car to climb a pole whe it has no legs ,arms or wings?? Rip my brother.my condolences to the family.


    • we all will miss him and please people don't share false information chupzz see for urself dnt let ur mind see for u RIP nash david my only beloved brother