One arrested for cocaine in coconuts

One arrested for cocaine in coconuts


Three days after drug enforcement officials intercepted cocaine in a shipment of dried coconuts at the Hewenorra International Airport, the police have arrested one person in relation to the incident.

The Police Public Relations Office confirmed in a press statement on Wednesday afternoon that the drug bust was made on Sunday October 2, 2016.

“A search of the intercepted cargo revealed several boxes/crates containing dried coconuts. Three coconuts were identified as having concealed therein, a white powdery substance suspected to be a controlled drug to wit: cocaine,” the police said in the statement.

St. Lucia News Online (SNO) broke the story on Sunday stating that the cocaine was detected in the coconuts moments before it was loaded onto a flight destined for the United Kingdom.

SNO was recently informed that the shipper is a full-time employee with the airport that resides in Dennery.

This publication had made contact with several senior police officials on several occasions, who up to early Wednesday morning claimed that they have not received any information about the cocaine bust.

A few hours later, the Police Press Office confirmed the incident and promised to issue a statement.

In August, six kilogrammes of cocaine concealed inside 9 hollowed out breadfruits from Saint Lucia was discovered by British Border Force officers, placing the island in international spotlight.


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  1. Greed! Thats the order of the day. They have a good job, getting well paid, they have their business( argricultural at that),doing good,they have their big mansions on their big estates, and then they want more maybe even a Mall. Send them to the PHillippines when they get caught.



  2. There are countries where the death penalty would be applied as it pertains to drugs offences.The same should be for St.Lucia.


  3. This sounds like just what mostly imbeciles would do. Saint Lucia has so many moo-moo carbweet all over the place


  4. Great to see that the Police were able to crack the case of the "crack" cocaine in the cracked coconuts by arresting the nut behind the shipment.
    It drives me nuts when smugglers do things like that which could destroy our agricultural exports.


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