One arrested after stabbing in Castries

One arrested after stabbing in Castries


One man has been arrested following a stabbing incident at Mary Ann Street, Castries around noon today (Thursday).

Reports are that a 19-year-old who frequents the area, had just exited a business place, when he was stabbed to his side by another male.

Passersby rushed to the aid of a young man, applying pressure to the wound, while awaiting ambulance services.

The man was later transported to the hospital via ambulance services.


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  1. the mind of our people are so corrupt of all sorts of evil and following the conformity of this evil world and they think it is ok and our prayer is becoming extinct their minds are control by this robotic evil mind control system and soon money will not be a thing any more it will be the electronic chip in your habd so it seems when things get worse they will cut off the hands to buy and sell we better wake up people its almost there


  2. I'm thinking the same thing!! I fear visiting my own home land due to the extent of crimes. I remember never having to worry or keeping watch of my back. I don't even know if prayers can heal anymore!!


    • Oh Please, which little bubbled place do you currently live in?
      Or did you just decide not to read your local papers?


  3. Lord, we cannot have one day of peace in SLU anymore. Everyday its's either a stabbing, killing, suicide, robbery or rape. I am just left to wonder what have this island become? Crime has become the order of the day in SLU. But again this is not a priority to our so - called leaders, they are too busy doing their usual crap, while the criminals are having a field day!


    • It's a daily occurrence here but it's happening by the minute in other places where petty crimes like these is not news worthy.


    • The criminals are having a field day because the people are protecting them.
      Saying they are to scared to speak out! Utter rubbish.
      Name and shame them and stop protecting them.
      Stop defending them and attacking the victims.
      Teach your children how to handle conflict, disappointments, betrayal and real life problems.


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