One arrested in drug bust at Trouya

One arrested in drug bust at Trouya


A police officer managed to capture one man who was transporting a large quantity of drugs, on Wednesday, close to Windjammer Gap in Trouya.

The incident is reported to have occurred around 11:36 a.m. Thursday.

A source told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that the man was in the company of a few men, who were in a car.

“The guy was by the road waiting for the rest of the fellers with their vehicles,” the source said.

The source explained to SNO that the police decided to stop and investigate what was happening, since the men looked suspicious. He said upon stopping, the officer then proceeded to fire his gun three times.

“The rest of the guys in the car fled, but the one on foot could not escape,” the eyewitness told SNO.

Aside from the large bag that contained suspected drugs which the man was carrying, the police also recovered drugs that were hidden between some pieces of wood and a large barrel.

The man was handcuffed and taken to the police station for questioning. He is likely to be charged.

Investigations are ongoing.


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  1. Why cant the government of St.Lucia legalize the dam herb. There isn't no jobs for the people to care for the loved ones, when they are sick, hungery, when they need school books, clothing, roof over their heads. They are quick to arrest them guys, but murders are walki g the streets free and so are child molesters, thieves and the man who could help his family by selling a little herb they want to kill him. Look around you officers help those who need help, leave the poor hustling man alone for crying out loud. Acting like you are an American gangster lol. Jah a hoe


  2. a promotion for that officer right away meanwhile in alot of parts of the us marijuana the internatonal herb as just made international headlines by becoming legal a thing the mind control robotic system wanted to do not not it almost there people be vigilant open your eyes


  3. da is set up vibes....snitches always die first...d man have on his adidas n cudnt run way....awa mi bredda


  4. They quick for drugs,once is drug the will find the perpetrators, so ridiculous. I am so sick right now with theseveral cops. Who telling them who the perpetrators are, they know them yet still they do nothing. but there a god when it reach on their door steps then they will realize. The police are lazy and they just want to sit there to get fat and unhealthy when they know who the culprits are out there. In my opinion don't joint the police force for the love of money do it to protect the country. And the policemen know what am talking about


  5. these officers still want to play gangsta putting their gun in their waist band very unprofessional. the day one of them get into a fighting brawl with someone they trying to arrest and they get hold of their gun and use it on them them it will be too late to mandate changes then. Follow the example of other bigger more experienced law agencies and if you have to get a concealed holster then do so.

    You are not supposed to be gangstas


  6. You saved the day bullshit go look for something better to do than arrest a man trying to make a change


  7. Now weh the lab to test the drugs?
    I suppose they go test with sticks and stones.
    Upside down nonsemse.


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