Olympic champion Semenya weds female partner

Olympic champion Semenya weds female partner

251469_78199_reproJAMAICA OBSERVER – South African Olympic 800-metre champion Caster Semenya married her long-term partner in Pretoria yesterday.

Semenya celebrated her 26th birthday by tying the knot with Violet Raseboya after exchanging vows during a lavish ceremony in the South African capital.

The Rio gold medallist was pictured in a photo on her Instagram account wearing a dark blue suit embroidered with gold, holding a bouquet of flowers, alongside Raseboya in a white wedding dress.

“Our perfect day! #wedidit #married #ourweddingday #love #casviowedding,” wrote Semenya in a caption beneath the picture.

The two women had celebrated their union in a traditional ceremony in December 2015 in the northern province of Limpopo.



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  1. Marriage is between man and woman. Anything else is un natural. No Excuses .....simple . To bad mankind trying to change everything around. Even animals find the right partner to reproduce..yes to reproduce!!!


    • Maybe if people were more concerned about the corruption and destruction of our people and planet, than the fact that two people find happiness with each other, we would all be better humans.
      Never begrudge another love. I would much rather support a couple like this, than forcing them to live their lives as a lie, which results in addictions and suicide.
      Compassion is much needed by all. You can not expect to receive compassion and understanding, when you so harshly judge, but close your eyes at all the other fornication between heterosexual people.


      • Their lives is already a lie .That is the problem in the world today we hate to call sin by its rightful names .The worst is yet to come or has already come . Soon we will not be able to deny people their right to kill, to steal ,to marry my Pit Bull or any other pets you may have, marry the dead, their immediate family etc, We are so twisted don't we see our world is heading to the direction of self destruct with no return.


        • so how many hungry kids did you feed this week? How many kids are getting their school fees paid by you? Zero! But you want to judge others that do, because they are not like you, when they contribute to the needy with compassion.


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