Oliver Gobat’s family disappointed with UK Prime Minister

Oliver Gobat’s family disappointed with UK Prime Minister
Oliver Gobat
Oliver Gobat
Oliver Gobat

THE TELEGRAPH (UK) – The family of a prominent British businessman murdered in a suspected contract killing has accused the Prime minister of breaking her personal promise to help them solve the case.

Helen, 69, and Theo Gobat, 77, whose son Oliver was killed on a Caribbean island, said they feel “abandoned” by the Government after Theresa May assured St Lucia authorities that British police would assist in solving the crime.

Oliver’s body was found in April 2014, in the passenger seat of his car, on a remote track less than two miles from the luxury hotel his family owns.



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  1. No wonder st. lucia is a backward cesspool of poverty, where the locals are robbed of their "patrimony" while there's no freedom of speech while they idolize drug traffickers, glorify crime and bow low before foolishness (such as this)! If u engage in illegal activity then the consequences will be obvious, just as every poor St. lucian gunned down in the streets. You're no different! Now rest in peace...good riddance!!


  2. Helen: is he's mother.
    Theo: his father
    Oliver: was murdered
    Theresa: British PM

    Hope that satisfies your eagerness to know names!

    Many of us are disappointed with our PM as well!


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