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Oliver Gobat murder probe to get UK police support


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Oliver Gobat.

Oliver Gobat.

GET SURREY – The family of a man shot dead and left in a torched car in St Lucia in April 2014 are “hopeful” they will finally get answers as Home Secretary Theresa May has authorised help for the investigation from UK police.

Ollie Gobat, who grew up in Esher before moving back to the Caribbean island where he was born, was 38 when he was executed on April 24 last year in a killing thought to be related to a legitimate multi-million dollar property deal he was near completing.

But a decision for UK police to help the Royal St Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) was subject to long diplomatic negotiations, as the island still holds the death penalty.

In her letter to Mr Gobat’s family sent this summer, Mrs May recognised it had been a hard time for the family.

“I can assure you that the UK government wishes to do all we can to ensure that a thorough investigation is carried out into his death and that the perpetrators of this crime are brought to justice,” she wroted.

“It was important to balance my desire to provide assistance to the investigation with the need to ensure that it was being carried out with integrity and that the safety of any UK officers involved could be guaranteed.”


Mrs May’s decision came after she was assured of the “integrity” of the investigation and had the safety of Scotland Yard and Surrey Police officers guaranteed.

The investigation into Mr Gobat’s death has been fraught since the outset, with issues including the car being moved on the night of the incident and the scene not being cordoned off.

An independent report published in April exposed corruption in the RSLPF, finding that police officers had carried out extrajudicial killings.

Mr Gobat’s mother Helen, said this week: “Once a proper investigation has begun, and with some new faces in the RSLPF since March when a report into the police was announced, we are hopeful that we will find out what happened and why.

“Revenge is not in our make-up as nothing will bring our beloved Ollie back.”

However, Mrs Gobat was “in despair” on Monday as although the family heard from Mrs May in mid-June and the RSLPF announced the initiative in August, no dates had yet been set. It is believed arrangements are now being made.

It is likely detectives from St Lucia will join with Surrey Police and look at the evidence that has been amassed, some by outside contractors, over the past 18 months.


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  1. I'm happy about time too

  2. Its time they get some clousure to olies death and many more. Too many unsloved murders this shows some incompitance in the whole governmentent all parties. This is so not nice for st lucia getting on the worlds wrong side, America, canada,Scotland Yard have major issues with SLU government incompitance within the police force. What does this say bout this little island of 170 thousand its already trrible on the streeets with the youths gun violence that can't get under control n for the ignorants please don't say why blame the government ghe youths dis and dat they sure know how to conseal up murders they know the issues they cover thier a#$ but all hell gonna hv to break loose when this smoke settles

  3. Hoo bloody Ray. About time. !!!

  4. Whilst they are at it, why not use their expertise to solve the other unsolved.

  5. Give his friends some good lolobeff cause they know all the answers. This country should have no tolerance for gold collar criminals and their money laundering. Take the gloves off and give them all in the group a serious independent forensic audit and start to find the root of our islands problems. The elite is also beyond reproach. They thief its called oversight. They use and buy drugs its called recreation. They avoid and evade taxes its called fiscal prudence. They lie its called embellishment or forgetfulness. They insult and are rude and its called strongly opinionated. The poor are always scr#$%d by these elite and their superiority.

  6. who is mrs mary?

  7. As I sympathized with Mrs Gobat, but I would like to inform her that every police force have corruption even Scottland Yarde yet to be discovered, not only RSLPF has corruption because the officers there are not perfect and are not forced or trained into corruption, thank you may Oliver Gobat rest in peace and may the investigation be successful so the family can come to closure soon.

  8. That was a police job,so the case was closed and they didn't make the arrest, it would not be one arrest but a few

    • Do you have facts to prove this cap you speak of!??
      People and the propaganda they spew online. We must be more mindful of our words.
      The world at large is watching.

  9. I would love to hear a response to this matter from SLP AND UWP. Please note the reference to outside contractors. What does this exactly mean. It seems the police in St Lucia are being policed.... Interesting. .
    And it is getting more interesting by the day. Police from the UK coming to St Lucia. GOOD.

  10. What's so special.about this case and not the scores of others?

    • The color of his skin and his parents money.Just say it.His group of expat money cleaners include the leaders racist and obnoxious hotelier cousins so roll out all effort for them. Poor and black....just forget it.

  11. Didn't the RSLPF recently announced that they are close to solving this case and an arrest will be made shortly?? I'm confused.


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