Officials looking closer at sustainable energy project


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Ken Aldonza

Officials in the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Energy, Science and Technology, are taking a closer look at the Sustainable Energy in Saint Lucia from Concept to Action Project, as the ministry continues its thrust towards energy efficiency.

A main component of the project is the retrofitting of several public buildings with energy efficient LED lights.

Energy officer in the ministry Ken Aldonza said St Lucians will receive quality in the implementation of that project.

“We’ve taken extra steps to specify as much information as possible on the lights that we’re looking for to ensure they match our power situation; and provide us with a quality that is world class. We have not chosen our supplier as yet, but as long as they meet these requirements we expect that the quality will be comparable to what currently exists, or better,” he said.

Local companies within the energy sector can bid for the installation of LEDs.

“We are inviting only locally registered companies to bid on the provision of 500 LED tube lights. We’re going to be conducting [it] through the national competitive bidding procedures. So the information is available on the Government of Saint Lucia website. And we encourage all interested bidders to go to the website to get the details on how to place their bids,” Aldonza said.

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  1. What a joke...The Electrical Services Legislation Act guarantee Lucelec A 60% monthly profit for providing consumers with electricity at 30 cent per KWH for the next 30 years. so,say you looking at developing a 42 unit sub-division for middle income homes and you intend providing Solar panels as an alternate energy source. That is impossible in St.Lucia in this day and age. By Law, Lucelec is the ONLY ENERGY SUPPLYER ON ISLAND. A monopoly in full effect, so all that sustainable energy talk. That's all it

    • The Government is also the majority shareholder in LUCELEC. Profits = dividends = money for the Government. The government will do absolutely nothing to reduce LUCELEC's profits because it will mean less money for them.


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