Officials: Evidence in Botham Jean’s home supports Amber Guyger account of his location in apartment

Officials: Evidence in Botham Jean’s home supports Amber Guyger account of his location in apartment
A resident passes flowers at the front door of Botham Shem Jean
Jean’s apartment not long after the shooting

(DALLAS NEWS) — Crime-scene evidence from Botham Jean’s apartment supports Dallas police Officer Amber Guyger’s account that she shot Jean from across the room as she stood inside his apartment door, two law enforcement officials with direct knowledge of the case told The Dallas Morning News.

The evidence, at least so far, doesn’t conclusively determine whether the door was unlocked or ajar.

“We just don’t know,” said one of the two law enforcement officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they aren’t authorized to discuss the case publicly.

Jean’s family has said they don’t believe he would leave the door open.

Court records obtained Thursday show Dallas police also found, among other things, two fired cartridge casings and 10.4 grams of marijuana in the apartment. The law enforcement officials said the marijuana was on the kitchen counter.

Guyger, who lives directly below Jean, shot and killed him around 10 p.m. Sept. 6 after she says she mistook his apartment for her own. Guyger told police the door was open and ajar and she thought Jean was an intruder.

The two shell casings were found just inside the door, indicating that’s where Guyger stood when she fired her gun, one official said.

That official said there was no blood by the door to indicate that’s where Jean was shot. There was “a small amount along the paramedics’ route with Botham.

“But that was mostly outside the apartment,” the official said.

Blood was taken to test Guyger for drugs and alcohol. Similar tests are conducted during autopsies. The results have not been made public and may not yet be completed.

Jean’s death has prompted protests in Dallas about the shooting of a black man in his own home by a white police officer who shouldn’t have been in his apartment. Guyger was charged Sunday with manslaughter.

Critics of the investigation say affidavits by the Dallas Police Department and the Texas Rangers, who took over the investigation, offer conflicting accounts and that it means Guyger’s account changed.

A search warrant obtained by Dallas police says “an unknown male, inside the apartment confronted the officer at the door.” The warrant affidavit obtained by the Texas Rangers to arrest Guyger on a manslaughter charge three days after the shooting says Jean was “across the room” when the officer walked through the door.

The Dallas police search warrant was obtained Sept. 7, just hours after the shooting. A police spokesman said later the same day that investigators had not yet interviewed Guyger, who called 911 to report the shooting. Guyger was interviewed by Texas Rangers before the agency obtained the arrest warrant on Sunday.

One of the law enforcement officials said Guyger has always said she was confronted while she was in the doorway but Jean was not. The same official said Jean was 12 to 15 feet away from the door when first responders arrived.

“That is where he stood when he was shot and where he fell,” that law enforcement official said.

The apartment was dark and when she saw “a large silhouette,” Guyger thought she was being burglarized, the arrest warrant affidavit says. She drew her gun, “gave verbal commands that were ignored” by the man Guyger believed to be a burglar and fired twice, investigators wrote.

Jean was struck once in the torso and was rushed to Baylor University Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.

Guyger had parked on the fourth floor — instead of the third, law enforcement and Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings have said. The law enforcement official said Guyger told police she had been carrying her heavy protective vest when she arrived at Jean’s apartment. It was in the apartment when first responders came to Jean’s apartment.

Along with Guyger’s ballistics vest, investigators also seized a black backpack with police equipment and paperwork inside and “two packages of used medical aid,” the warrant says. A metal marijuana grinder was also found inside the apartment.

An attorney for Jean’s family, Lee Merritt, has said two independent witnesses had come forward to say they heard knocking on the door in the hallway before the shooting. Merritt said one witness reported hearing a woman’s voice saying, “Let me in, let me in.” Then they heard gunshots, he said.

The law enforcement official said police spoke to one of those witnesses the night of the shooting and the witness did not offer that account to police. Law enforcement, however, is looking into those accounts.

There had also been complaints about noise coming from Jean’s apartment. Merritt told CNN the complaints came from Jean’s “immediate downstairs neighbors.” He did not say whether Guyger had complained.

Guyger was at work during the day and had just ended a 15-hour shift when she shot Jean.

Merritt and the law enforcement official said there had been a noise complaint the day Jean was shot. The law enforcement official said Jean told his girlfriend two women from the leasing office came by his apartment after he got off work and he wasn’t playing music at the time.

Jean worked for accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers and was known as “Bo.” His funeral was Thursday and his body will be flown to the Caribbean island of St. Lucia where he is from. Guyger is free on a $300,000 bond after turning herself in at the Kaufman County Jail.


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  1. Who say it wasn't Amber or the police who planted it in there . Where in the house was it found ? Was it concealed? Who's prints are on it . Dirty dirty dirty cops what goes around comes around that's life just wait for it cause it's coming ?


  2. Conflicting stories about the precise point where Jean was shot. Likely he is already or will be buried soon. Any tests to verify the likely distance between shooter and Jean, based on the bullet wound on his body (to verify story of officer).

    Apparently bright young Lucian man, shot dead in VERY questioning circumstances.

    Lucians you all see what your fellow brothers and sisters have to go through abroad and living amongst our enemies (The men who are not like you, pale. Pale horse in revelations signifying death and destruction - that is what they represent, that is their history, that is them. Now compare that with us). Who are you brothers and sisters?

    Redemption will come, and I shall pass my judgement upon them!


  3. As St. Lucians we must never stop praying for God to confound the plots of these wicked people. Why does the press release sound like an exoneration? Was the killer's flat searched too? This investigation is sooo compromised and tampered with. They're going to play dirty. Don't worry. God will deal with all of those who hate justice.


  4. Amber mudered Botham and that's a fact. Amber was in Bothams apartment and that's a fact. I donot know how she got into the apartment and I don't believe her story. I expect Amber to lie her way out of her predicament because everyone in that situation would. I really appreciate how Botham's mum have been handling herself. She has been asking for answers which I do not expect her to get from Amber. Bo's mum has stated as fact, that Bo did not know Amber and did not have a relationship with her. I do not think this is a statement of fact.
    I notice that Tyler Perry and TD Jakes were in attendance. Some persons have confided in them.
    Amber cannot continue to lie till the end. I expect the truth to be revealed by the time the case is in progress. And, Bo's lawyer knows some of the facts.. The police chief knows some facts. Soon, Bo's mum will know some facts.


  5. I'm telling you Ms.Guyger you better come clean with this now before you POLICE BUDDIES AND THE LAW sets you free. Because they can help you now with the case but think of it who'll be there to help you once the guilt, the families prays, people's prays, BOTHAM'S HAUNTING OF YOU and also THE MANY BLACK AND WHITE MAGIC chants that go hit you. My lady soon you might be a WALKING GHOST yourself who can't find peace even if you wanted to and no one would know what to do with you not even your family. So PLEASE do the right thing cause a WALKING DEAD won't be good on you.


  6. So ok. Say he was a few steps away, that does not mean that he didn't open the door. It's one of two things a) he knew her n thought she'd come in so he opened the door to let her in n took a few steps back inside or b) she had the gun pointed at him the minute he opened the door and when he saw this he took a few steps back like anyone with a gun pointed to their face would


  7. I swear those media outlets are racist as kcuf...trying their best to polish amber,s action while tarnishing Botham,s.this case is under investigaton why tamper with evidence could it be alleged or staged.


  8. So now he had marijuana wow knew you guys would come up wit some shit to mess his name up?? Gid be with this case cause the law is corrupt when it comes to black men?


    • Who say it wasn't Amber or the police who planted it in there . Where in the house was it found ? Was it concealed? Who's prints are on it . Dirty dirty dirty cops what goes around comes around that's life just wait for it cause it's coming ?


  9. Looking all kind of crap to say u all found this or that in his apartment smdh! Who is to say if she was the one who placed it there to fram Botham,Justice will prvail,lord take control of this woman's tongue lord and let her say the whole truth and nothing but the truth lord this I ask in yr name lord cause if it was my family lord I would need prayers and strength also lordhelp them lord in this trying times Amen.


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