Official visit of Venezuelan President to Saint Lucia

Official visit of Venezuelan President to Saint Lucia
Photos courtesy Office of the Prime Minister
Photos courtesy Office of the Prime Minister

President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro arrived in Saint Lucia at around midday today, on Saturday, October 17, 2015.

As part of the official programme of activities, Maduro inspected a guard of honour upon arrival at the George F.L. Charles Airport and then proceeded to call on Governor General of Saint Lucia, Dame Pearlette Louisy.

President Maduro also held bilateral talks with Prime Minister Dr. Kenny D. Anthony at the Official Residence of the Prime Minister.

The president then addressed a joint sitting of the House of Assembly.

He was joined by Dr. Anthony, Senate President Claudius Francis and Speaker of the House of Assembly Peter Foster on a short visit to Bideau Park.



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  1. It's amazing how many ST LUCIANS forget ..FROM THE WINERA BOXING PLANT TO NEW BRIDGES INSTEAD OF THANKING WE SHOW SOME SORT OF RESENTMENT. Am very certain some of those same persons who shows hatred towards VENEZUELA have their lap tops at their homes...Please LUCIANS WE SHUD ONLY SHOW HATRED TO THOSE WHO HAVE DONE HARM TO US


  2. There is no better way to characterise this visit than pure socialist theatre. The underlying military agreement is out there in the open for those who can read between the line.
    Those missing from this significant photo op are Fidel and Raul Castro, North Korea's Dear Leader, and Robert Mugabe. Our country bookies and low-self esteem political stooges like those from Soufriere, have their hands in the till and are doing all they can legally and illegally to dress in their costumes for global begging bowl everywhere. Sometimes like our Airport PM who is always going to, coming from, or is at another airport, it is just to escape the load of stinking political crap they are doing at home. It is now commonplace for them top open their country bookie mouths to let some of that escape for the benefit of their yard fowls. SLPs love it and that which comes from it, SLP's better days.


  3. The United States will not mind a communist visiting StLucia, as the present government there is also communist. We are in good company.


  4. The road closure cause so much headache for drivers today. Why didn't you bring this man on a Sunday. Traffic backup all over for a man whose countries is in such a terrible state, they don't even have toilet paper to wipe their behind. What willhe do for us????


  5. And you use the same police you say have betrayed you to impress that Socialist Tyrant. Like you said Mr Pm you read every Post about you. Well I hope you just step down before any more embarrassment comes on you or my Fair Helen
    The US is watching. See you at the polls if you make it that far I have not seen you for a while but i dont want to see you please skip my house when campaign starts.


  6. Keeny looks likes a poppy dog with its tail up his ass. Keeny repect the people of st.lucia they have work to hard for you to bring bullshit at their door. cheeeeps


    • It past the time to dump such politicians as representatives of Saint Lucia FOR GOOD! SLP's better days are killing off our backsides and our little ones, with murder, mayhem and suicides.

      Who ever said that a child who saw it as a game, to tie playmates to trees and whip them, would turn out to be anything but a frigging boot-licking fawning admirer of Fidel Castro and Maduro? And to boot, our new 21st century slave master?

      The jenny asses, them as bow-legged, grey-headed, and can-assisted yard fowls in the SLP constituencies are supporting this moronic country buck as he ruins this country as another failed state. If this Saint Lucian version Castro ever allows for a free and fair election, the entire SLP lot must be booted out COMPLETELY, 17 to Zero!


  7. The man coming to St Lucia does mean a thing to Lucian. We need jobs so we can take care of your children and pay your bills who the hell about that man. What did he bring or what does he have to offer


  8. Kenny and the SLP just sealed their fate. Why would one want to be associated with the most detested leaders in latin America? Is this is what is best for our country? be associated with a head of state who America deems a menace? It does not matter if he is really bad or not! Our little island cannot handle the repercussions that may follow if America decides that our leader is a communist asshole who dreams of his days of youth while thinking he was a revolutionary even if he turned out to be a greedy power hungry dog!


    • To say what you said (right or wrong) did you have to disrespect the readership? I don't who are the people thumbing you up when you come under such an alias? Don't you think in so doing you have put yourself in the same category as the head of state you claim is despised in the whole of Latin America?

      I find SNO acting very irresponsibly in printing your comments under such an alias. And to those people who have thumbs you up I say shame on you!


  9. Why is this scum bag Maduro coming to St. Lucia? He ruined his country. Bankrupt. Venezuela owes more than 3 Billion US$ to foreign airlines. He might plan to get Lucian citizenship when he looses the next elections. The only diploma he has is a city bus drivers license. People are suffering in Venezuela, shortages of basics in supermarkets. Very high crime. But Maduro will please politicians in St. Lucia paying his way in. What a f#### shame. But money does not stink for politicians.


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