Official: ‘Big penis’ corpse not explosion victim; PM addresses misinformation

Official: ‘Big penis’ corpse not explosion victim; PM addresses misinformation
Prime Minister Allen Chastanet are aware of misinformation circulation. On Thursday false news surfaced that the body of a man (right) was found near the scene of the quarry explosion.
Prime Minister Allen Chastanet are aware of misinformation circulation. On Thursday false news surfaced that the body of a man (right) was found near the scene of the quarry explosion.
Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has addressed the misinformation surrounding the death toll from Tuesday’s explosion. On Thursday, false news surfaced that the body of a man (right) was found near the scene of the quarry explosion.

Rumours began surfacing yesterday that one more body was discovered near the scene of Tuesday’s massive explosion at the Cul de Sac quarry.

Calls and Whatsapp messages to St. Lucia News Online (SNO) indicated that the body of a male was discovered. A photo of the deceased, totally naked, and in an open body bag, was also sent to SNO.

SNO confirmed that several other media houses were contacted with the ‘news’ and sent the photo, which was apparently taken from the internet.

However, a law enforcement official, who prefers to remain anonymous, told SNO that some members of the public are trying to wilfully spread false information.

“Oh, the big penis corpse? Not true,” the official remarked when SNO asked if the department is aware of an image of a dead body that is said to be a victim of the quarry explosion.

“That is not true. All the bodies have been accounted for, three dead. No other body was found. No one else has died,” the source added.

Even Prime Minister Allen Chastanet is aware of the misinformation circulating about the death toll.

At a news briefing yesterday to give an update on the aftermath of the explosion, Chastanet said the death toll remains at three.

Chastanet said persons have to be mindful of the information that they pass on, bearing in mind that this can hurt families.

“I have been hearing all kinds of reports,” Chastanet told reporters. “I think it is very, very important that because families are involved that we be careful in terms of the information that’s reported.”

Four patients from Victoria Hospital who arrived in Martinique Wednesday morning in critical condition are still alive.

Chastanet said: “The four people who have been sent to Martinique, the last report that I… got is that two of them had undergone surgery but that everybody, whilst still at risk, was very much stabilised, and so there’s been no further loss of life. Right now all we have were the three people who have lost their lives – two who lost their lives on the site – and Simon (Straughn) who lost his life at the hospital.”

Following the explosion various media reported incorrect figures. On the day of the tragedy, while casualties were flowing into the hospital, another online media reported that eight people died.

On Wednesday, a local print newspaper reported that the death toll is five, even after a joint press conference held that same day revealed that only three people were killed and over 20 injured.


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  1. Whay what whay!!!!! That man really love the media wee. Aren't there more important issues to adress. Are you the investigating officer?? Your nose in everything?? Gosh man!!!!!


  2. I think it is irrelevant whose pic it is. Such pics should not be circulated via social media period. People should have an ounce of moral fibre and consider the emotional state of families and friends of these victims before circulating such photos. To lose a loved one in such a horrific way is traumatising enough and to see pics of their corpse going viral is like putting salt in an open wound. Sometimes we have to stop and put ourselves in other people's shoes. How would we feel if it was our family or friend? The circulating video of an open chest on an operating theatre with a beating heart is equally unacceptable. I am a medical person and see such procedures but there is no way I would video such procedure and circulate it. Someone is fighting for his/her life and you find it appropriate to video them. This is totally unethical. Mr PM Chastanet should be condeming such acts but instead he came out to confirm that the corpse is not one from the quarry explosion. Very disappointing.


  3. In Chastanet's team he is of course captian; he is the opening bowler; when spin is introduced he is the first to bowl; he is the opening batsman who faces the first bowl. And when he is not bowling he wicket keeps. What can do others do. That question raised by the naked body is a law and order issue. It is for the police to deal with. Let the police do its job man. Thats what its is mandated and paid to do. Since when that's your role?


  4. Allen chastanet come on you should address other issues affecting st Lucia and be more considerate about our hospitals on island stop being a petty prime minister


  5. It is very irresponsible and demeaning to victims and their family when a vulgarizing photo is circulated trivializing their pains and loss. This is the lowest of the low!


    • The Prime Minister, as leader of the country, was addressing questions relating to a tragedy of national concern. If he did not make a statement or update the nation, then there would be so many questions and comments about how he does not care, why is he not making a statement, etc.
      I guess there is no way to please everyone.


      • Uhmmm so the concerns of the people of Vieux Fort, The 21k plus persons who signed a petition against the dolphin park, the thousands of St. Lucians agains the destruction of the mangroves and Maria Islets are not enough to receive response from the Prime Minister, leader of the country? But a picture that is circulating on social media that is NOT even actually of anyone on St. Lucia gets addressed right? So this shows that her cares? Hmmm Ok. Guess this means that he doesn't care about the people I mentioned...according to your comments that is..I'm just saying...


        • It's because the PM knows even MORE people were opposed to the development of Rodney Bay, pigeon Island, HESS oils etc, and Sir John had to take a stand and look at ALL the cash flow those very developments are bringing in now. He knows most of you have never taken time to understand ANY of the proposals and are just playing party politics instead of seeing this might be a way out for some many St Lucians. So no, it's not that he didn't see your "concern", he just knows that it's Lucians being Lucians and playing Polytrics


      • As the leader of the country, that is his job, especially when there is such graphic misinformation about such a tragic event. I am truly saddened to see how politics have made some people so damn stupid.


  6. and one more thing i still believe that if those pics was anyone of those guys the officials would try their best to conceal that and say those are rumors. they would never say that was the guys . there is also a video circulating of a guy in a hospital with almost half across his chest open showing his heart beating and his lungs. i am not sue if that one is credible to but people if yall know the things has nothing to do with the situation why post false propaganda and lie about it thats just petty man.


  7. This naked corpse is a body that was fished out of the waters in Trinidad. Apparently he was murdered and dumped.


  8. from that pic i dont think people were really trying to say they got another body. i think they were trying to say that this was one of the guys who died on site and he was found there when the officials came. its not like its a new body they found. and from what i have been hearing ( i have no confirmation that it is ) is that pic was the khodra guy. also there was another pic of a rasta guy but it looked to fishy because the big penis guy had no clothes assumed it was burnt by the explosion and the other rasta guy was fully clothed to me they both should be either fully clothed or with no clothes if those pics are any where near credible


  9. smdh you cant listen to no news in st lucia not from a media house where you would think the info would be credible farless from some ignorant st lucians that only say what they hear and not what they know


    • I totally agree with you, I think they just want to say I was the first to put the information out.smh


    • I totally agree with you, I think they just want to say I was the first to put the information out.smh


  10. I think it was disgusting enough that a person or persons would go that far to get pictures out of the internet or where ever to say it happen from the blast. don't you have a conscience. This of what the the family of those who were involve are going through.they shud find the person/person responsible and charge them. insensitivity humans.


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