Officer reportedly doused with flammable liquid

Officer reportedly doused with flammable liquid

gas_can_lA male was arrested today, Nov. 30 for allegedly spraying flammable liquid on a police officer who was on a motorcycle.

Details are sketchy at this time, but reports are that the incident occurred in the vicinity of the boulevard, off Bridge Street, Castries after 11 a.m.

Unofficial reports are that the liquid is kerosene.

The perpetrator is believed to be of unsound mind.


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  1. So sad to hear this but I am sure that there are people who love what happened but trust it must.....and it will I reap eat it must and it will fall back on them?


    • You are so confusing,i was wondering if it was me but it is your grammer that is so bad,read what you write before you post.


  2. The government and family members of these people must get them off the streets. Family members take care of your loved ones, seek help or if they are on medication you must see that they take their medication. Too many people with unsound minds roam the streets of Castries, and when incidents happen there is not much that can be done to the individual because of his insanity


  3. What's wrong Saint Lucia? Your children's teeth are set on edge. Your idol's feet are made of clay. You worship too many false Gods driving around in vehicles with tinted windows. You killed God's Anointed in the Cathedral. The country has been spiraling down since.


    • Be is not of unsound mind. This is a young man I hanged out with and we lived in the same area. In talking to him I realized that he was becoming terrorist minded, always talking about attacking the government ect. I was informed last night that he planned to attack a group of worshipers on Saturday to server their heads with his cutlass. Let's not be quick to make excuses and blame everything on being mad. He was becoming a terrorists..


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