Office of the Mayor team members shine at Gala Awards

Office of the Mayor team members shine at Gala Awards

(PRESS RELEASE) – The employees of the Office of the Mayor and Castries Constituency Council came out in grand style last week Saturday for the first Annual Gala Awards.

Hosted by Media Personality, Mareen Alexander, the awards night recognized and rewarded team members from departments such as Cemetery, City Police, Communications, Human Resources, Accounts, Administration, Special Initiatives, Works, Market, Parks and Sanitation, who have gone above and beyond the call of duty.

The list of winners include Melissa Mathurin – Most Promising Award, Shanice Evans – Overall Most Outstanding, Errol Cyril – Most Improved, Michaela Victorin – Overall Award for Excellence, Aubrey St. Juste – Employee of the Year, Winston King – Supervisor of the Year, Jason Hullingseed – Manager of the Year and Annette Xavier-Charles who received the Mayor’s Special Award.

In addition, forty five (45) individuals received Long Service, Best Attendance and Most Outstanding Awards.

The Department of the Year Award was captured by Sanitation.

Congratulatory remarks were delivered by the Acting Prime Minister, Hon. Guy Joseph and Former Prime Minister and Castries North MP, Hon. Stephenson King.

In congratulating both nominees and awardees, His Worship, Mayor Peterson D. Francis praised team members for their incalculable value to the organization, reminding them that they each play a critical role in its success.

“As I reflect deeply over the past year as Mayor, I reflect on the strides that you have made. I have challenged and nurtured you, you have felt my wrath, but it paid off for the good. With what attained prior, and like I’ve said before is not business as usual and it should never be because we have the people’s work to do. Nonetheless, you worked hard, you deserve it. The night belongs to you.”

The Ceremony was held under the theme, “Simply the Best”.


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  1. Mr.mayor I will give high credit to you and your team of the CCC...You have done an exceedingly great job since you've been assigned Mayor..I'm non partisan but your are working and a total revamp of the CCC office a job well done...I applaud you...not this present government as im disappointed in this present government..which I thought was my government thank.God I didn't vote. God bless you Mr. Mayor and I will let you know who I am cause you know too well.


  2. Mayor with all your grand style before you show off find out what are needs of your people i am talking about the people who sell on trays in the city. Have you ever stop and think how they survive from day to day? All you concern about is beauty you are so smart I am sure you know beauty come with a price who do you think will pay that price. Think Mr Mayor think before you clean house make sure the people living in it are satisfied if not the more you clean the more dirty it will get.


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