Off Limits premiers tonight on HTS

Off Limits premiers tonight on HTS
Sarah Peter is the host of Off Limits
Sarah Peter is the host of Off Limits

Off Limits is a unique, offbeat, in-depth programme which takes an unprecedented dimension into important social issues.

The initiative explores topics which are seemingly “off limits” and which are not generally brought into the main stream media, issues which have a seemingly subtle impact but realistically play a significant role on our identity, culture and lives. Specifically the show takes a look into social issues, human rights concerns, education and race.

The significance of these issues has paramount importance on our social fabric but the taboo nature deters tangible discourse. The concise, in-depth 30-minute programme will address this, provide in-depth discussion on these matters and demystify some of the anathema surrounding these issues.

The show  features a segment entitled Youth Talk. This is a brief feature which will place emphasis on at risk youth, who may not necessarily be in the “spotlight” but who are a success in their own right, students who are able to overcome obstacles and persevere. Youngsters who face challenging conditions but are determined to not let their circumstances determine their fate.

The first show airs tonight and every Sunday on HTS at 8:33 pm. It will be exploring the complex relationship between women, weaves and relaxers.


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