OECS launches business magazine

OECS launches business magazine


GIS – The Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Commission has launched the first launches OECS Business Focus Magazine.

The first issue of the magazine provides a comprehensive outlook at economic activities across the region. Additionally the magazine will cover topics such as youth entrepreneurship, the OECS’ preparations for the UN Climate Change Conference, the renewable energy sector and business development strategies for small businesses.

Managing Editor of the OECS Business Focus Magazine, Lokesh Singh, said he believes the magazine will significantly impact trade, investment and development.

“It is meant to serve as a catalyst for opportunities across the region, and with the partnerships which have been forged between the OECS Commission, the OECS Business Council, the East Caribbean Central Bank, and by extension the world wide web, the possibilities are limitless for us to explore and exploit,” Singh said.

Director General of the OECS Commission, Dr. Didicus Jules, emphasized the importance of efficient information dissemination in today’s business world.

“In today’s brutally competitive global business environment the rapid dissemination of, and the free and easy access to information and ideas is an often decisive factor in succeeding or failing. In fact, so critical is the flow of information and intelligence that Bill Gates has written a seminal book entitled business at the speed of thought.

“Today the race is contrary to the popular belief not just for he who endures to the end but for the nimble and the swiftest.”

The magazine is a product of a new partnership between the OECS Commission, the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB), AMS publishing, and the OECS Business Council – an autonomous private sector umbrella body.


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  1. The beginning of wonderful things to come.....Well done Team AMS and OECS Secretariat! Looking forward to the next Issue!


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