OECS customs and trade officials meet in Saint Lucia


Tuesday, 21 August, 2012 – Trends in international trade logistics and relevance of the trade facilitation measures were the main topics of discussion as OECS Customs and Trade Officials met in Saint Lucia.

The workshop also focused on the implementation plans for the future WTO Trade facilitation agreement in developing countries.

Grenada’s Trade Officer at the Ministry of Environment, Foreign Trade and Export Development Shameilla Moses spoke on trade facilitation interaction with other member states within the European Union.

“Trade facilitation has a lot of implications for development for Grenada, as well as the region. We are talking about OECS economic union, free movement of goods and people. Trade facilitation is an essential part of bringing that idea of economic union to reality and tuition. It requires a lot of synergy in the way we trade across borders and how we operate as an economic union.”

Moses believes that with the extensive discussion, work and commitment of OECS member states towards the process to date, trade facilitation can synergize the operation of the economic union.

“In the general sense, an economic union has to do with all the member states operating as one nation. Basically, what trade facilitation does there, it allows for all the member states to have a similar procedure, custom procedures are similar, the way in which we collect revenue at the border is spread out evenly and possibly connected at one border for the areas in which the goods are designated, for instance.”

This workshop is expected to assist member states in negotiation, providing input on trade facilitation, as it relates to the national development goals of member states.

The two day Trade Facilitation Agreement in Developing Countries consultation comes to a close later today.


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