OECS countries unite to combat the dreaded Cancer disease

OECS countries unite to combat the dreaded Cancer disease

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – OECS countries unite to combat the dreaded Cancer disease by addressing the pathology quality process, standards of reporting and creating a diagnostic oncology community of practice.

As cancer remains among the most dominant causes of death, The Cancer Centre Eastern Caribbean (TCCEC) is continuously working towards more effective and efficient diagnostic techniques, whilst trying to find a cure for this malady. “Cancer patients are treated and cured not by single individuals but by a team” were the spoken words of Dr. Tom McGowan, Managing & Medical Director of (TCCEC), at last Friday’s meet and greet opening ceremony cocktail for The Eastern Caribbean Cancer Pathology Meeting.

“When you think about how you treat cancer and how you cure patients with cancer and how you give them the best chances, the single most important thing you can do is make the right decision, the right decision on how to treat them. You can have someone carryout the treatment perfectly but if it’s the wrong treatment you are carrying it perfectly wrong. So you need to make the right decision and modern cancer therapy it means that we must have multi-disciplinary decision making. All of the people that are involved in the cure of cancer need to come together to decide how they are going to treat the patients and we only decide that based on diagnosis. So pathology is the foundation, it is the foundation of cancer treatment”.

It is against this background, recognizing that diagnostic oncology is the foundation for oncology patient management and therefore the Cancer Centre hosted a two day meeting which commenced Saturday March 3rd 2018 at the Coco Resort in Rodney Bay. The official meeting comprised of a team of Pathologists, Clinical personnel and others involved in quality of care from across the region. Pathologist Dr. Stephen King said the thrust behind this is to create a network which will benefit the Caribbean.

“Creating a community of practice under The Eastern Caribbean diagnostic oncology network, what that does is, it allows us to implement standards, it allows us to work together for peer review, for second opinions, it allows us to no longer practice in a solo way where we have a small population of people served by a single practitioner pathologist but rather the entire OECS population served by a group of pathologists who are supporting each other in this network. In addition to that, one would appreciate the network, with this technology we need communication technology and information technology so that we can actually share images, we can share information so that we can, shall we say in more rapid and real time, deliver the kinds of quality diagnosis that we know our conditions require of us and that’s why this particular conference is I think beautifully poised”.

The Cancer Centre Eastern Caribbean (TCCEC) is working closely with government and other Health institutions to get the network ball rolling in order to curb this dominate malady and save lives.


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  1. How about we teach in schools the alkaline diet? Why is this still a big secret? We continue to fill the pockets of the big pharmaceutical companies by not educating our people on what can be done to prevent this dreadful disease.


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