OECS commended for progress in trade-in-services

OECS commended for progress in trade-in-services
Mr. McDonald Dixon
McDonald Dixon

Saint Lucia and the rest of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) have a lot on record to show and be proud of in terms of an upcoming review of its trade policy by the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Veteran trade expert and consultant currently attached to the government of Saint Lucia, McDonald Dixon, says the sub-region should be commended for making new inroads to enhance both trade-in-services and trade-in-goods.

He says: “The most significant issue is going to be the OECS unity. The latest strides towards customs union and so on. This is going to be very important in this trade policy review because it is going to have an impact on how business is conducted in the future. I believe also that this trade policy will show that the OECS is moving out from using trade defence mechanisms.

“The government of Saint Lucia will feature highly with the introduction of new mechanisms that would enhance trade. Also you will find that there is going to be the sojourn into new areas such as health and wellness, which was pronounced by the government of Saint Lucia and the creative industries. These are all new and has never been featured before in a Trade Policy Review for the OECS.”

The Trade Policy Review of OECS WTO members fall under the surveillance and monitoring arm of the World Trade Organization.

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