Observance of International Men’s Day

Observance of International Men’s Day

(PRESS RELEASE) – Local communities, organizations, families and individuals are called to consider men in gender equality as the country join many countries in the world in observance of International Men’s Day November 19, 2019.

This year Saint Lucia seizes the opportunity to highlight men in the context of gender equality under the theme: “All in: Men for gender equality”.

Gender equality underpins sustainable development, and the sustainable development goals and the ambitious 2030 agenda, cannot be achieved, if gender equality is not deliberately pursued through all the goals. Achieving gender equality requires a conscious effort to understand the roles that men play, the widely accepted perceptions of men and the long-held stereotypes of what it means to be a man in our society.

Asking the right question will lead to the important information to determine the needs of men and boys to raise awareness that promotes gender equality and focuses on the issues they face. Who are our men? What are they doing? What do they think of themselves? What do others think of them? How are these ideas demonstrated in an expression of themselves? What can we celebrate? What can we work on? What should be our priorities for men in achieving gender equality? What achievements have we made in that regard and what are our setbacks and challenges?

As co-owners of our space, our land, our culture, let us consider the status of men in this year’s observance, and determine what actions we must take as a nation with men to accelerate gender equality.

In consideration of this, the Department of Education, Innovation and Gender Relations calls on all to focus on men and their status in our society, their role in national sustainable development and their obligations, responsibilities and priorities in achieving gender equality. Organizations and agencies are encouraged to highlight men through an activity of their own design during the week of November 18 to 22.

Let us together celebrate men and highlight the role of men in achieving our shared goal of gender equality.


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