Obeah man urges Jamaican artistes to pay debt

Obeah man urges Jamaican artistes to pay debt

(JAMAICA STAR) – The daughter of a popular obeah man in St Thomas said that she is imploring all the persons, including entertainers and politicians, to pay up the money they owe her father as he draws closer to his retirement.

The woman told THE STAR that her father, David Williams, has been assisting persons with their careers and other aspects of their life for years. However, she said that some of his clients are extremely ungrateful.

“My dad provided a lot of guard rings to these politicians, religious ministers and musicians. Him provide T-shirts, curtains, sheets and oil. He wants every bit of his money. There are a few names that will be eventually released, but we decided to reach out to THE STAR first so they can read this and pay their debts. Nuff a dem lick out against obeah, but they come to buy it from my father and don’t pay him,” she said, adding that her father has decided to retire from the practice as he prepares to celebrate his 80th birthday in a few months.

Outstanding money

The woman added that whenever they have tried to collect the outstanding money, they are often ignored by the clients.

“A lot of them are hiding and trying to avoid him. He provided the best service and give to them, but they tend to forget that. Sixty-five per cent of Jamaica believe in obeah. My father has helped them with man problem, court cases, you name it. The lawyers and judges are high on his list,” she said.

She also warns that if the delinquent clients do not clear their debts, the result would not be in their favour.

“Some of them will not get back any visa or work permit, and they cannot go to anyone else for any service because they will have to go through him first,” she said.

She, however, had high praises for social media blogger/entertainer Dr Love, who, she said, has maintained a clean slate as it relates to payment.

The entertainer also commended the obeah man, stating that he had assisted greatly with his finances and career.

“I am very pleased with the services he provided for me. He has helped to improve my career, and although some people may not believe in him, I can testify to his work. I still have the ring he made for me. He promised me a hit song and so far my song, Baby Girl, is doing really well, and very soon I will be going on a European tour,” he said.


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  1. Wow just Wow....Many Jamaicans proclaim they despise obeah, yet we are learning 65% strongly believe in it..... greed for power and material things causes some folks to stop at nothing to achieve such


  2. kartel i hope you not one of them that owe cause look you injail so long and cant come out after you was doing so well in music.


  3. wow now a days people fail to go down on their knees and pray and ask god for some light in their life but rather go to a obeah man to work for them


      • the reason prayer is powerless to you is cause you maybe pray without any faith. and if prayers is powerless how comes most of yall praying to the devil? dont come and tell me prayers is powerless cause it can work for anyone and it breaks every chain. if you saying it is powerless you trying and insult god and say he has no power.


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