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Obeah man requests meeting with PM, police commissioner to discuss crime

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(JAMAICA STAR) Retired obeah man David Williams said he is requesting a meeting with Prime Minister Andrew Holness and the commissioner of police, Major Antony Anderson, to discuss ways in which he can assist in bringing the nation’s killers to justice through his spiritual work.

Williams claimed that with the use of obeah, he has “got rid of 13 criminals” so far and his prepared to do more to help make Jamaica a safer place.

“There are a lot of disturbing things that are going on, such as the abduction and killing of our children, and these killers need to be stopped and brought to justice.

“I know that I can be of assistance through the use of my spiritual work. There are some who will turn up their faces, but little they do not know that this is a spiritual warfare going on, and a lot of methods that they are using to fight crimes have been failing,” Williams said.

Obeah is illegal under an old 1898 law.

The law, for instance, says that any person who consults any person practising obeah, or any person reputed to be a person practising obeah, or any person pretending to possess supernatural powers, and agrees to reward the person so consulted, shall be liable to a fine not exceeding $100 or to a term of imprisonment not exceeding 12 months.

“I do understand that the spiritual work that I have done here is not legal in Jamaica, so once the relevant authorities will promise that they will not prosecute me for carrying out my trade, then I would let all murderers surrender.

“The thing is, there are a lot of evil spirits that is going and getting in people, so this is one of the major reasons why these crimes are being committed.

“I cannot promise anyone that they will win the lottery, but I can give my word that what I have in store for these criminals will work. They will have to surrender to the police,” he said.

Williams, who hails from St Thomas, is said to have spent 40 years assisting persons with their careers and other aspects of their lives for years. (Simone Morgan-Lindo)


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  1. thats why they have evil spirits roaming the place in the first place, the same obeah they doing is the same obeah that encouraging the evil spirits to roam, the country needs God, not obeah, we cannot go anywhere with evil thats so obvious.


  2. St. Lucia Does not need any stinking and stupid OBEAH man, we have enough foolish and ignorant people on this island already. Find a church and start praying , Prayers is what we need.


  3. Come to St.Lucia, we need your help.


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