Obeah man predicts 6.4 earthquake will hit Jamaica

Obeah man predicts 6.4 earthquake will hit Jamaica
Earthquake scene in Haiti (file photo)
Earthquake scene in Haiti (file photo)

(JAMAICA STAR) — Retired obeah man David Williams has said that dark days are ahead for Jamaica as the island will be hit by a 6.4-magnitude earthquake in the near future.

Williams stated that while he hates to be the bearer of bad news, he is imploring the Government to be prepared for the aftermath of the disaster, which he says will massively rock the nation.

“Honestly, this nation could lose 300 or more lives, so people should just take precautions. We need to stock up on extra first-aid supplies and food items and stay away from sinkholes and so on. Most importantly, the hospitals need to be prepared because the staff is going to have a lot of work to do. There will be weeping very soon as a lot of persons are going to lose their loved ones, ” he said.

Williams told THE STAR that God is displeased with what is happening in Jamaica and that as such, some parts of the island will be severely damaged.

“Places like Rockfort, Port Royal, and sections of Westmoreland will be majorly affected. This is no joking thing, and I am urging the Government and our people to just prepare themselves. There are persons who are not going to take heed to this warning, but as I said before, this is a very serious matter. Jamaicans need to brace themselves for this. Too much bad things have been happening, and God is not pleased, so he will be shaking up the place,” Williams said.

Since the start of the year, several tremors have been felt across the island, the latest measuring 4.2, with nine parishes feeling the effects.

Williams, who hails from St Thomas, is said to have spent 40 years assisting persons with their careers and other aspects of their lives. In 2018, he retired from the trade, but after seeing the rising crime rate, he requested a meeting with Prime Minister Andrew Holness and the commissioner of police, Major General Antony Anderson, to discuss ways in which he can assist in bringing the nation’s killers to justice through his spiritual work. It is unclear if the meeting was held, but shortly after his request to see the prime minister, Justice Minister Delroy Chuck promised to repeal the more than 100-year-old Obeah Act that made the practice illegal.

“There are just too much ungodly persons in even the churches, and they are the ones who are doing a lot of evil things and then try to condemn us, the spiritualists. God is about to shake up things,” he said.


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  1. People like David Williams is the case of destruction, because he was practicing obeah which he knows is evil...


  2. The Irony of this article! Can you imagine someone who practices/practiced obeah talking about people being bad and God being angry with the nation?

    The practice that he is known to have engaged in is one of the things expressly forbidden by God in the Bible. Apparently, he seems unaware that he was engaged in an evil practice himself. He should repent and ask God to forgive his obeah dealings, and thereby contribute to the effort to spare Jamaica, as he preaches.


    • Do you hear how sound? You're not thinking before posting rubbish. I'm not a believer in obeah but, when you're talking about evil, make sure also mentioned religion as well. Obeah cannot and will never kill anyone but people kill in the name of religion. Just food for thoughts.


  3. People like David Williams is the case of destruction, because he was practicing obeah which he knows is evil...


  4. I dreamt about this destruction years ago, I was walking down town Kingston, & it seems like someone dropped a bomb there, everything was broken down, I saw only a dog in the streets.


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