OAS Chief urges support for removing Venezuela’s president

OAS Chief urges support for removing Venezuela’s president
Nicolas Maduro
Nicolas Maduro
Nicolas Maduro

AFP – The leader of the Organization of American States urged member countries Thursday to support efforts in Venezuela to hold a referendum on removing President Nicolas Maduro from office.

At a special meeting of its Permanent Council on the political and economic crisis in oil-rich but beleaguered Venezuela, OAS secretary general Luis Almagro said the country is in the midst of a “grave disruption of constitutional order.”

But the four-hour meeting ended with no decision on measures against Venezuela.

Venezuela’s oil-dependent economy, saddled with the world’s highest inflation rate, is in a dramatic free fall because of the drop in crude prices, and Maduro’s government has jailed opposition leaders.

he opposition has collected signatures to try to force a referendum on removing Maduro from power.

“The Permanent Council should stay on the right side of history and defend a people who need a voice,” Almagro told the assembly.

He said the council should express support for political prisoners in Venezuela and “support the will of the Venezuelan people in their call for a recall referendum” against Maduro — the former bus driver who was the handpicked successor to the late charismatic populist leader Hugo Chavez.


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  1. Even with unwelcomed foreign direct Investment. Sorry! Sorry! Foreign direct interference, although heavily funding our local MADURO 2.0 ... that model failed during the last election.
    Whew! Close call Saint Lucia!!


  2. Where is LPM to take credit for this. They were most vocal in asking Kenny Anthony to end his support for this man. I agreed with them now and I continue to agree with them even more so. You can't support a man as President just because he gave us a few dollars at the expense of this starving people.


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