NYC press release on recent tragedy

NYC press release on recent tragedy
St. Omer
St. Omer

The Saint Lucia National Youth Council solemnly adds its voice in grief to the loss of Chrystal St Omer and death of two other young men over the past week and condemns such acts of Brutality and negligence.

Saint Lucia has been rocked again by the loss of another precious soul. And we now recognize the fact that her death reemphasizes the need for vigilance of civil society, caring and greater respect for human life. We all have a collective responsibility to be our brother’s keeper, to be our neighbor’s protector and to be law abiding citizens of this country.

As idealistic as the foregoing may be, it stands UNCONTESTED as the formula to reduce crime and violence and is the enabling environment for justice. The NYC ENCOURAGES ITS MEMBER-GROUPS, clubs and affiliates to from now on, incorporate that spirit and practice of vigilance, by forming watch teams and being more attentive throughout their daily routines. Develop a culture of archiving and observation and personal note taking.

Every life on this 238 square mile of land should be accounted for by our hospitals, statistics department, rehabilitation centers, schools, churches and community groups. We are too small a population for any individual to be missing for more than a 48 hour period without, a citizen calling in with information in a secure manner to the police. Earlier this year the NYC Made calls to the Police department, the Ministry of Education and the principals association to collaborate on the issue of student loitering: For us the issue is not so much the loitering, but that of collaboration among national entities toward the safety of our Nation: To date concrete action with regard to that call is still wanting.

This time we hereby make the call to the Ministry of Home affairs, Education, social transformation, youth development, Ministry of health, as well as to every single NGO that declares itself to be in existence for national development: to come to together one more time in a national convention to examine how, systems and processes of data and island security can be enhanced.

Within the Ranks Of NYC, a call goes out to the general council, all youth groups, sports clubs, student councils and affiliates, to take their gatherings more seriously, and begin the migration back to community life and comradry, where we can all account for one another as a matter of Godly principle and breaking the decadence of “CAIN”.

The NYC extends its sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Crystal St, Omer. Her flame may have been extinguished but our memory of her will fuel the change necessary to make this country a safer place for peace loving people.

Timothy Ferdinand


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