NYC president to engage more youth on issues of national importance

NYC president to engage more youth on issues of national importance
Louise Victor.

Newly-elected President of the National Youth Council (NYC) Louise Victor plans to engage more youth on issues affecting them and the island.

Victor told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) in an exclusive interview that with the help of the new executive body, she hopes to spark several conversations in this regard that will hopefully create an environment that promotes change and development.

Victor said she plans to engage young people from the grass-root level, and not necessarily to tackle everything from a national standpoint.

The youth leader believes while there is a need to lead and govern, and put structures in place for policy development, there is also a need to have young people more engaged in the decision-making process.

“There is not that widespread inclusion in the communities, which really constitutes the NYC. There is that perception that NYC is just a few people, but its young people in all communities and schools,” she said.

Victor told SNO that under her leadership the NYC will be “tapping into the resources of the custodians on the ground and not trying to do everything on our own from a national perspective”.

The NYC president said she also plans to promote entrepreneurship among youths. Victor told SNO that there is a general perception among youth, that upon graduating from secondary school, they will secure employment either with government or a private sector company.

She said this is not always the case and jobs are fewer, especially in these difficult economic times. Therefore, the NYC will be looking to groom more entrepreneurs. “Yes, there is need for job creation, but there is also need for entrepreneurship, given the economic situation,” Victor explained.

Besides that Victor told SNO that she will be working closely with the NYC Public Relations Committee to re-brand the NYC. The aim is to make the council more attractive and relevant, adding some vibrancy and freshness. This will hopefully allow for greater engagement among youths and awareness of NYC’s work.

Another issue that the new president of the NYC hopes to tackle is the health among youths. Victor told SNO that she hopes to promote through the NYC that young people should live healthier lifestyles. More focus will also be placed on looking at ways to reduce or prevent mental illnesses among youths.

Victor said she is humbled for being elected as president of the NYC.

“I definitely respect the trust that they have in me, to place me in that position and I definitely will go above and beyond for what is expected and what is currently needed for the NYC and to help to take it to where it has to go,” she added.

On Sunday, October 5, 2014, a new executive was elected to the NYC during its Bi Annual General Assembly at the Clendon Mason Memorial Secondary School.  Victor, who comes from the Micoud Youth and Sports Council, was unanimously elected president of the organisation.


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  1. Woman Power!!!! Way to go. I am proud of you. Keep your head up and I believe you will be a great success. In my time with NYC, the youth were so active in activities. We used to have bloko ramas, whole day soca ramas, fund raising activities. We had monthly meetings and the enthusiasm and interest was there. The president of nyc would occassionally make an appearance at our events and meetings. Competition among different communities was clean and fun filled. I tell my kids about these days but they didn't get them. Revive youth activity from the roots level to keep them occupied and out of trouble. All the best!!


    • NYC save your future and our future generations. Demand that the recall of offending MPs be discussed on the political platforms and in the House.

      Light a god-damn fire under the posteriors of our jackass parliamentarians that the same old fuddy-duddies keep on voting for to put them there.

      Women power! Youth power! Down with the older generations' stinking crap!


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