NYC mourns passing of former youth leader and senator

NYC mourns passing of former youth leader and senator
Edison De La Cruz of the NYC

This statement was submitted by Mr. Edison De La Cruz (in the photo on the left) from the Public Relations Office of the National Youth council

Mr. Austin Anthony Glasgow Long was a close friend and active leader of the early National Youth Council (NYC).

He was a man of stature who saw the potential of we the youth and dedicated his energies, talents, and professional knowledge to the advancement of the youth cause. And we are most grateful for his long and selfless contribution.

As a senator with special responsibilities youth of St Lucia, he worked with great direction, serving as an inspiration to later generations of youth leaders on all sides of the political spectrum. He has given us hope for struggle to realize the vision of participation, peace and progress.

We, the National Youth Council, on behalf of all youth of St Lucia, extend our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Austin Anthony Glasgow Long.

May the memory of his service never be lost!


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  1. I was told Mr.Anthony Austin Founder of The Office Shop has passed along as well...good fellow...may he finally rest in peace


  2. Maybe he wanted to make it brief.....cause if it was a few pages long mmost people wouldn't read it.....and I agree it woulda been best if he had a pic of the decease


  3. lol lol so this guy sends in his photo with his obituary statement about a colleague? Douche move or publicity op? Sure is dressed aptly for both. Selflessness would suggest that you produce a picture of the one being mourned, but then again . . .


      • me too!!!!my mouth got dry cause I went to school with eddy and I was so shocked already.smh.y d hell did he send a photo of himself


  4. I am saddened by the passing of any human being but I would have been happy to know why this passing was brought to my attention. My condolences to the family and friends. And before I am crucified justly or unjustly I think it might help if there was at least some reference to how he was "an inspiration to later generations" or what these "selfless contributions" that are referenced here would be. Apart from being loaded with empty platitudes this poorly written piece from one DeLaCruz does not say much. And what has DeLaCruz himself done thus far with the serious plight of the youth? Deafening silence?


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