NYC independence debate takes place March 7

NYC independence debate takes place March 7

In recognition of St. Lucia’s 34th Independence anniversary, the Saint Lucia National Youth Council, in collaboration with the Office of Parliament, will be hosting a special Youth Parliamentary Debate.

Taking the form of a “No Confidence Vote” in the perceived conservatism of successive governments, outstanding youth speakers from around the island, including young community leaders and former youth parliamentarians, will be expressing their perspectives on the rate and extent of developmental progress of St. Lucia over the past 34 years as an independent nation.

The debaters will be assuming the roles of government members, opposition members, and independent representatives. There will be ministers and shadow ministers for the areas of finance, physical development, human services, commerce and industry, foreign affairs, and security and legal affairs.

The debate will also incorporate such topical issues as human rights, constitutional reform, and the role of culture and creative industries in our national development.

This novel independence debate, originally scheduled for February 28, will now be taking place on March 7, 2013 at the House of Parliament from 10 am to 1 pm.

We encourage all Saint Lucians to tune in live on NTN and Radio St. Lucia for this dynamic delivery of passion, vision, and articulation of aspirations of our youth patriots.


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