NYC hosts National Students Conference

NYC hosts National Students Conference

PRESS RELEASE – New National Student Council Executive to be elected today at the Marigot Secondary School, as NYC hosts the National Student Conference.

It is paramount that the Student Council executive branch remains active as it serves as a driving force for change and progress within our school system.

The National Youth Council (NYC) promotes leadership at all levels however, at the Student Councils Branch and we recognize that it serves as an opportunity to begin to groom the leaders and shapers of tomorrow.

Throughout todays proceedings it will allow students to get an understanding and appreciation of democratic processes of which they will in the not too distant future be part of on a national level.

Whether they are seeking office, casting the deciding vote or observing they all share equal power and an equal opportunity to be part of the change they want to see; a change which begins in their immediate circles, spaces and environment.

Students should be abundantly groomed from school to understand the importance of leadership and the importance of commitment to be able to truly make an impact and this is the type of opportunity that student councils structures provide to students throughout our schools.

NYC is committed to nurturing the talent, passion and skills of young people through the schools to contribute to shaping formidable frontrunners for the next generation of leaders. .

The students are afforded the opportunity to create structure for their council and have developed training in effective communication, leadership, team building, decision making, capacity building and

Over the years NYC has continued to engage the student council framework and has established young vibrant leaders who have continued to excel and make meaningful contributions to their communities, country and beyond.


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