New executive for St. Lucia National Youth Council

New executive for St. Lucia National Youth Council
Louise Victor.
Louise Victor.

PRESS RELEASE – On Sunday October 5, 2014 a new executive was elected to the National Youth Council during its Bi Annual General Assembly at the Clendon Mason Memorial Secondary School.

The General Assembly commenced on Friday 3 October with registration of clubs from across the island and climaxed on Sunday 5 with the election process. During the assembly, the financial reports and executive summary were presented by the outgoing executive.

There were also working group sessions among participants, based on sub committees they would be interested on serving and where they would like to NYC go with regards to Finance and Programme Planning, Public Relations and Advocacy .

The new executive of the youth body is as follows:

President –Louise Victor (Micoud Youth and Sports Council)

1st Vice President- Kelvin Antoine (East Castries Youth and Sports Council)

2nd Vice President- Tevin Sheperd (Canaries Youth and Sports Council)

General Secretary – Wendell Bertrande (East Castries Youth and Sports Council)

Assistant General Secretary – Dianthia Justin (South Castries Youth and Sports Council)

Treasurer- Lyncia Antoine (Canaries Youth and Sports Council)

Public Relations Officer- Vernesta Isidore (Mayboya Youth and Sports Council)

The presidential position was closely contested between Eleanor Joseph of Vieux-Fort North Youth and Sports Council and Louise Victor of Micoud Youth and Sports Council. The final ballot count was 51 and 67 votes respectively.

The positions of 1st Vice President and General Secretary were unopposed. Another interesting race was for the post of Assistant General Secretary between Krisha St.Brice of Soufriere Youth and Sports Council and Dianthia Justin; with 58 and 60 votes respectively.

Vying for the post of Public Relations Officer was Kim Cayol of North Castries Youth and Sports Council, Kina Nicholas of Choiseul Youth and Sports Council  and of course Vernesta Isidore.

Final ballot count was 50, 15 and 54. Miss Kina Nicholas also vied for the post of 2nd Vice President against Mr. Tevin Shepard, a race which ended 76, 43.  The post of Treasurer was contested by Kervin Martial of North Castries Youth and Sports Council and Lyncia Antoine.

Mr.Tevin- Sheperd, 2nd Vice President, Mr. Wendell Bertrande- General Secretary and Miss Dianthia Justin Assistant General Secretary are all returning officers from the previous executive.

Outgoing President, Mr. Timothy Ferdinand congratulated the new executive and gave his full commitment to being present during the transition process for the next year, to advise and guide accordingly.

The Electoral Board comprised returning Officer was Mr.Denis James, Ministry of Youth Development and Sports and NYC stalwart Mr. Patrick Mathurin and representative from the Electoral department.


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  1. Congratulations to the new NYC executive and wishing you well. Nice to see the youth from all over St Lucia playing an active role in the country's development


  2. Must say I love that pic. Have always been reserved about Youth and Sports Councils. If the PM and his gov't are not pro Youth and Sports Whats the Point. Remember attending several meetings in the 90's to start one in Gros Islet nvr took off. WHat impact do these persons have on what happens in our country? I always wonder. Is the Minister a hard core supporter?


  3. Congratulations to all. Now to the continuing of the work of youth development. Let's continue the upward movement of NYC.


  4. Congratulations to you all. It takes a lot to represent and speak out on behalf of young people.
    Madame PRO you are doing very well. We are proud of you.


  5. Congrats.Is it a lady that is the president now? These days names can be deceptive.I cannot recall any past female president.Bravo if that is the case.


  6. I love this NYC enthusiasm. But remember this kids - you haven't been out in the world, you're not managing anything and you've had little responsibility to speak of.

    You have very little by way of practical experience to draw upon. You should focus on getting yourself set up independently before clamouring for meaningless titles..


    • Viceroy.
      All of these young people are active club members and District youth and sports members and club members in their communities. They do have their fair share of responsibility at these levels. They are young professionals with a great level of independence especially mental independence.
      I applaud them for accepting the challenge and being ready to continue working given where NYC is now and has to go. There are many other great men and women who have served in these capacities who are contributing to their countries development, so to say that the titles are meaningless and unjustified.


    • Please do some research or investigation. "KIDS" "NOT BEEN OUT IN THE WORLD" LITTLE RESPONSIBILITY" "LITTLE WAY OF PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE" "MEANINGLESS TITLES". Please find out about NYC and the various DYSCs. You would then realize that some of your critique might be unfair.


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