NY-based Saint Lucian entrepreneur prepares to launch bowtie brand and “Bows For A Cause”

NY-based Saint Lucian entrepreneur prepares to launch bowtie brand and “Bows For A Cause”
Vaughn 'Vee' Constable
Vaughn ‘Vee’ Constable said Twist By Vee is also driven by a personal agenda.

(PRESS RELEASE) – On February 1, 2019, Saint Lucia’s son of the soil, Vaughn Constable, will launch his brand, Twist By Vee, a company which specializes in handmade bow ties, neck bows and accessories as well as corporate branded bowties.

The company provides a wide range of high-quality handmade bowties for special occasions and celebrations such as weddings, reunions, corporate gala events, as well as hair accessories for girls and pets.

The Twist By Vee product line and business model is designed to support a permanent give-back campaign. One of its business goals is to make a tangible difference in someone’s life with every bow tie purchase. To deliver on this commitment, the “Bows For A Cause” campaign was launched in October 2017 in New York (NY), allowing a percentage of any bowtie sold to be donated to a cause, which Mr. Constable is passionate about.

In 2017, Twist By Vee was commissioned to provide a creative and innovative branding opportunity for a breast cancer awareness fundraiser. It was then that the signature bowties were born. A campaign titled “Bows for Boobs” was designed and launched. Response to the innovation behind the creation of a fashion accessory as a philanthropic project exceeded expectation. Uptake of the product line during the fundraiser facilitated the design team in making a substantial financial contribution to the fundraiser.

Constable’s main focus is to work with a trained team, set up a work space in his homeland, Saint Lucia, to grow and take the company to the next level.

According to Mr. Constable, the expansion of the Twist By Vee is also driven by a personal agenda unrelated to business.

“My family, like many others, has been impacted by suicide, depression, domestic violence, cancer, and HIV/AIDS. The success of the Twist By Vee line for this initial campaign demonstrated to us what an effective platform it can be for giving back, supporting advocacy, public education and to donate to causes, empower and celebrate survivors and keep hope alive,” he said.

Mr. Constable’s main focus is to work with a trained team, set up a work space in his homeland, Saint Lucia, to grow and take the company to the next level, with a robust production of bowties locally and across the Caribbean region, featuring the respective national flags, also securing distribution throughout the region and contributing to the tourism product of his homeland, an industry that he was once a part of. With the capacity to produce thousands of bowties per day, especially for our corporate clients, Twist By Vee is ensuring that each handmade and assembled item will justify the manufacturer’s label “Handmade in Saint Lucia”.

The two-part launch event will be held at the Bay Gardens Hotel, Rodney Bay, Saint Lucia from 5-8pm EST on Friday, February 1, 2019, and opened to the general public on Saturday, Feb. 2nd, 9th, and 16th in the north, south and west of the island, respectively.


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  1. A male fashion item being sold to benefit an illness that affects women. I dont wear bow ties, they are usually preferred by homosexuals, but I would have considered buying one if it supported a cause affecting to mens health, as men are left out these days.


    • The Bows For A Cause campaign recognized 5 Causes: Breast Cancer (pink) HIV/Aids (Red) Domestic Violence (Purple) Prostate Cancer (Blue) and Suicide Prevention (Yellow) Read more at www.bowsforacause.com


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  3. Son of the Soil...I am proud of you my brother. We need every Saint Lucian at home and abroad to do their part to make our Island even more wonderful and successful as it is. I love the spirit and the confidence that is coming out of Saint Lucia and Saint Lucians. I wish you all success in you ventures Sir.


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