NWU tells King: Workers losing confidence in Labour Department

NWU tells King: Workers losing confidence in Labour Department
Minister Stephenson King
Minister Stephenson King
Minister Stephenson King

The National Workers Union (NWU) has written Minister of Labour Stephenson King asking for his urgent intervention in a number of ongoing labour issues.

In a letter dated September 21, 2016 addressed to King and copied to the Executive Director of the Saint Lucia Employers Federation, President of the NWU Tyrone Maynard listed these issues.

Maynard said prior to King assuming office, the NWU undertook an exercise which revealed the following:

1. Many unscrupulous employers were still not paying overtime to employees who have completed the regular hours of work and are told to hold on and work overtime.

2. In the Sanitation and Garbage Collection Sector, the occupational safety and health requirements are not being adhered to and proper gear for workers undertaking such critical responsibilities are not issued.

3. An abuse of issuing contracts to ordinary workers seems rampant. Some of the arrangements provided in such contracts are dehumanizing and do not seek to create the job stability that is badly needed to plan one’s future.

4. Workers were losing confidence more and more in the Department of Labour.

The NWU president said to date, the above mentioned continues at a fast pace and requested his urgent attention in bringing all these industrial ‘atrocities’ to an immediate halt.

“I see no reason for Government to accept tender on Government projects by companies who continue to break the Labour Laws of Saint Lucia. We look forward to your response,” he ended.


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  1. What about the Financial Institutions that making staff redundant and paying them EC$350 per year for every year they work. How could Banks be so cold after working for 20 years all you leave with is $7,000. How can you possibly survive? Unfair! After reaping locals of high interest and Bank fees, they get rid of locals and give the jobs to foreigners in other parts of the Caribbean to cut cost!!! How is this humane? Poor locals being exploited by those high corporations which the government are afraid to touch!!


  2. Omg what about tge construction industry which is riddled by this mess, high abuse of emploees at every level, to work long hours without pay, these people work hard, and da gerous, health and safety plays no part here, if our governments understood economics, it would be different, every skill is a skill, every job is a job, make no mistake i know why i mention economics, complete overhaul at labour department, sit their ass in the office n persons sacrifice their life , their families lives, generate revenue into the country so their lazy ass can get paid. Thats just a fraction


  3. Those labour officers need to do their job! They target all the small companies while big hoteliers and other huge manufaturing companies do as they please with their work force. I dont know if those labour officers are intimidated by the huge companies. Employees have no safety gear they get paid peanuts per hour. Start big and let them lead the way. Government offices always crying of deplorable working conditions yet they all over the place asking small businessess to implement all sorts of rubbish plunging them in more expense. Thats my issue with labour department.


  4. Sorry its not only the Hospitality sector. Workers in the manufacturing sector are also being threatened daily and demoralized to the extent of simply wanting to quit.
    Workers are reminded daily that if they don't tour the line their jobs are at stake. You have no opinion and the BOSS is always RIGHT.


  5. Indeed what is surprising to me is that people still have/had confidence in the labour department, in this environment where people try dearly to hold on to their livelihoods and certain employers take advantage of the situation the department should be more involved and active, but this is after all st lucia, so the people of the labour department can continue to "half ass" their way to their monthly salaries, while workers are been taken advantage of, especially in the "hospitality" sector........


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