NWU, Sugar Beach strike new deal

NWU, Sugar Beach strike new deal

Over 400 workers employed to Sugar Beach Hotel will benefit from a new industrial agreement negotiated between the management of the hotel and the National Workers Union (NWU).

The collective labour contract, which will run for a period of three years, makes provisions for a six percent general wage increase spread as 2% in year one, 1.5% in year two and 2.5% in year three.

The hotel workers will also be paid a small back pay, a lump sum of $225.00 and a grocery voucher of $300.00.

A general meeting for the workers is scheduled to be held shortly at which workers will be informed of details relating to the new contract. Sugar Beach, a Viceroy Hotel, formerly known as Jalousie Plantation Resort, operates in Soufriere.


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  1. shut up concerned citizen...you want them to work for peanuts,well done its better done nothing,everything going up and pay down here is far worst for hotel workers on this island of the sun...


  2. These communists will be the death of Saint Lucia's economic growth. Who are these people to ask for a wage increase ? If not for the benevolence of entrepreneurs these peasants would not even have a job.

    That's the problem with Saint Lucia today. There's too much of this pansy socialism.
    Employers think they owe their workers something ?????!!! Workers like this are a dime a dozen, hardly irreplaceable, they're chattel. And then they have the audacity to ask for a raise ??!!

    If any of employees come to me asking for a raise not commensurate with their productivity gains their job is toast!


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