NWU shouts down talk of making LIAT workers ‘essential’

NWU shouts down talk of making LIAT workers ‘essential’

The National Workers Union (NWU) says it will not encourage or support the imposition of a decision that introduces or includes workers employed with LIAT under the scope of essential services.

“The NWU believes that there is no basis or justification for anyone to entertain such an anti-union intention,” the union said in a statement.

“LIAT and trade unions have had a good period of industrial relations. The intervention of politicians seems bent on eroding that trend. Any attempt to bring LIAT workers within the realm of an essential service would be dangerous and would plunge LIAT’s operation into industrial chaos.”

The union said some politicians forget that their insularity, displayed from time to time, has always driven them into making wrong decisions, “that are against the interest of LIAT.

“We must ask ourselves why LIAT has changed managerial personnel and industrial relations consultants ever so often”, the NWU said.

“There are numerous reports and relevant operation recommendations regarding LIAT. Some politicians are occupied in protecting their interests and election vote-catching machinery, rather than making bold decisions that could transform LIAT into a company with a high level of operational visibility. We say no to any essential service thought.”


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  1. Although I wouldn't express it the same way, I agree with [email protected] The NWU has essentially ruined Liat (and a host of other companies) through their over-the-top combative & disruptive handling of issues. It is truly unfortunate how they try to turn employee against employer in favor of the almighty union dues.


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